Oppo 103 SQ for SACD vs standard Denon 2900?

Does anyone have an opinion on the sound quality of unmodified Denon 2900 vs. an Oppo BDP 93/103 for SACD via 6 ch analog?

I'm finally looking to add Blu-ray to my home theater. My receiver is a Marantz SR19 EX, which, while still sounding great and pairing well with my Denon 2900, lacks HDMI video switching. I've held off because I've got an extensive SACD/DVD Audio collection, which sound great on my current setup (M&K S100b LCR and SS150 surround). I can't afford an HDMI switching receiver that comes close to the sound of my Marantz, and the upgrade to HD video was just not worth the hookup hassle.

Now that I'm getting on board, the Oppo 103 seems to solve several issues - outstanding video, universal formats, within my budget, and with 2 HDMI video inputs it will act as a video switch. My question is will the sound quality of the Oppo be at least equivalent to my Denon? I know the 105 would be an upgrade, but it is out of my budget and I am not looking for an upgrade, just not a degrade.

Thanks in advance for your opinions.
I replaced a Denon 2910 with a 3910 and really liked that unit. However, that was shortly replaced by an Oppo BDP-93 and I couldn't be happier. Very solid build-quality, great sound, will play *anything* on a shiny disc. And it offers netwotk connectivity, Bluray playback, and I can jack any of my USB hard drives or thumb drives into it - EXCEPT my new Seagate 3TB, BUMMER!

Nonetheless, I am now an Oppo customer for life. Their products are fairly-priced, work like a champ, and their customer service is second to none.

I imagine the newest units (103/105) that allow the use of their internal DACs are the best value players available today...

Thank you! I was hoping for that answer, I'm in.
Ok, I also am looking for some advice relating to the best configuration concerning the Oppo 103 and a Denon 3313. Should the Oppo process the video and the Denon the sound?? Should my cable (HBO, Showtime, etc.) first go through the Denon and then the Oppo?
I have an installer coming in and he suggested that there could be a "lip sync" issue if I went through the Oppo and should let the Denon do the primary processing; let the Oppo do what it does better than any other BluRay player can do.......play and process discs. Any opinions?