Oppo 103 & Roku?

Hello all,
This question was last asked a couple of years ago by someone else, with little response. Anyway, has anyone out there with an Oppo 103 bought a recent release of Roku and gotten it to work? Thanks in advance for your help.
Plugging it into the input?

Yes, works fine.

I could also get ARC working as well, using the Oppo as a DD decoder for anything coming out of the TV.  Personally, I think if you can, use the TV as your switcher.


Hi Erik,
Do you know which Roku you’re using? My current streaming widget (which came with the 103) doesn’t get Amazon, but is otherwise fine; in fact, the audio quality is better than the Fire stick on the TV. If I could get a stick in the 103 that would give me Amazon too, that would be just grand.
I've tried a Roku stick, and the premiere.
Thanks very much Erik--that's a big help.
Just a follow up in case anyone else has the same question: I got the Roku Ultra which came today, and connected it via the included HDMI cable to the back of the Oppo 103. It works beautifully. Now I've got everything--Amazon, Youtube, Netflix--running through the Oppo, with the audio going through the Oppo's RCA's into my Eastern Electric Minimax pre.

I especially appreciate the Roku Ultra remote's voice command capacity, which allows one to search via voice even on Youtube.  
I have a best quality Roku stick ( I forget the name)  Wow. Amazing picture and audio plugged into my Oppo 205. So cheap its a giggle :).  No brainer if you want some extra tv, movie and audio channels. $50 bucks, a one time cost! -- basically free :)
I'm using Sony 65 inch 4K. Nice to my eyes.