OPPO 103 or OPPO 95?

Which would you get? A used OPPO 95 or a new OPPO 103?

Joe in Mobile
If you want analog output, get the 95, because its analog process is superior.

Joe what are you trying to accomplish? That will determine which to lean towards. Analog audio out tips the scale to the 95.
Thanks for your response. I am reinvigorated due to changes to my ht/music system. I recently bought a integer dhc 9.9 pre-amp, an outlaw 7100 amp (for 5.1) listening and just got a cambridge audio id100 for my iPod. I use uncompressed files. I used to do probably 80/20 movie/radio to music but with the changes it is now 60/40 at most. I bought used gear and this is my first time with separates. I will change things as I can but right now I am re-listening to music and the id100 using a 75 ohm coax and the built in 9.9 dac is amazing. So I want to get a blue ray/player for movies and cd’s and i have a few sacd’s I want to listen to. That is why the issue between the 95 or 103. I understand the 95 can do sacd on either hdmi out but not so with the 103. I love watching movies and blue ray concerts too. Jeff Beck live at ronnies is one of my favs. So anyway after this longwinded response I look forward to any response. Oh, I am looking to maybe get a dac for the id100 after the oppo. Any recommendations would be appreciated there also.

Joe in Mobile
Seems to me based on what you're doing you have no need for 4K future support or scaling so I'd say go with the 95 with the better analog stage.
Clarify what SACD limitations you understand the Oppo 103 to have?

1. Since you consider the 9.9's DAC amazing, the analog section of the BR player shouldn't be a consideration.

2. Disc spinners are mechanical and I suggest buying new for warranty coverage.

3. Room mode correction is as valid with music as it is with movies. So let the 9.9 process digital signals.

4. As I read the Oppo 103's specs, it does SACD just like my Oppo 83.

Given the above points, a new Oppo 103 seems the obvious choice.
For me saying the 9.9 dacs are amazing is that compared to what I was using they are. Its like my 1st car, ’69 rambler with 3 on the tree. Any car that had ac and a radio was amazing!! I am looking/thinking about a dac for the id100 at a later date. What I understand about the 103 is that that the sacd signal can only be used on one hdmi channel? I am sure I am over thinking this and I agree about the warranty. Thx for the input so far.

Joe in Mobile
Bob, your recommendation is predicated on your first point, that Joe considers the analog process of the 9.9 amazing, and that may be sufficient. But reviews suggest the analog section of the 95 is superior. It seems as though your advice relies on the notion that what he doesn't know won't hurt him. OTOH, he did buy a 9.9 but may upgrade in the future.

Dbphd, I think many of us fall into the trap that if reviews claim something to be true then surely it'll be better for me in my system. I don't buy it -- there are too many variables and besides the goal of a reviewer is to emphasize subtle differences. I have no doubt that the analog section of the OPPO 95 is superior to that of the pre/pro, but I think room mode correction in the pre/pro has the potential for far greater audible improvements. I can't see anyone spending money on analog electronics in this day and especially when a pre/pro is already in the system. Just my 2 cents.
Joe, from page 62 of the 103's manual...
Due to the hardware limitation, DSD output is only available from the HDMI 2 OUT port. To listen
to SACD using the HDMI 1 OUT port, please set SACD Output to PCM.

I don't see this as a much of a limitation.
Bob, I have no experience with room mode correction (ARC) except for LF ARC for a pair of subs, so I can't comment on the relative merits of ARC v superior analog. I think with either the 95 or 103 Joe can take video from HDMI-1 to his TV/monitor/projector and audio from HDMI-2 to his processor. SACD output can be set to DSD, given the 9.9 is doing speaker configuration and so forth. I'd guess, but don't know, that the video processing of either Oppo may be superior to that of the 9.9.

There are lots of posts here and at AVS about the fine quality of analog from the 95 and 105, so I'm not the only one who's fallen into the trap. I have no idea how many sources Joe needs to accommodate, but I would have bought a 105 and used it as the processor instead of the 9.9, taking its analog directly to the amp. A 105 takes digital input, including HDMI and asynchronous USB, and does speaker configuration, bass management, and volume control. A veritable Swiss Army Knife for AV.