Oppo 103 HDMI Cable

Waiting arrival of Oppo 103, and wondering how good the Oppo supplied HDMI cable is for video. Thanks.
The cable that comes with your player should be fine. There has been a lot of discussion as to the merits / benefit of HDMI cables, but keep in mind, that the signal being sent to your TV is pure digital, either it gets there or it doesn't. Signal drop can happen, but usually only happens with long runs of cable, 50 feet in length.
Ain't seen no junk from them yet.
That's what I was thinking...
It's good. To really get an upgrade is going to cost you a lot.
It depends on how much of a wire guy you are. I just don't know where to draw the line sometimes but for some reason I see this as a less important wire than others. Why I don't know.
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IMO the standard cable is sufficient. if you want to upgrade, I agree with bluejeans or also I suggest audioquest.
If the Blue Jeans is an upgrade, it certainly seems worth it for under $30.00 including shipping.
I wish I could find an older article on the quality differences in HDMI cables. It didn't have much to do with costs so much as to construction. Examining the exposed ends showed some pretty miserable soldering and some really good soldering. It didn't correlate to price.

All the makes had similar product statements but in the end, my choice was based solely on QC and I remember not paying much at all once I knew which cable to buy. A quick look at what I have shows no brand name and simply reads "High Definition Multimedia HDMI 1.3 Cable". I bought this cable based on the article where they showed how well they terminated their cable compared to the competition.

They work wonderfully and were very well reviewed at the time. I wish I could remember the brand name. Sorry.

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Could you please identify the Oppo standard HDMI cable for me via its labeling? I am returning my rental PVR and can't remember which one the Oppo standard HDMI cable was and which one came with the TV PVR. Thanks!

I use Wireworld HDMI cable.....it's astoundingly better than any that I tried in my 5.1 system. Picture/sound are glorious.
I realize this is an old discussion,  but for any interested parties I just switched to Redmere HDMI cables from Monoprice. Very surprised at the emediately noticeable difference. 
Paying high prices are not a must to get good quality.