Oppo 103 freezing.........

I have an oppo 103 under a year old with recent software update and constantly freezes up using a portable stick in the usb on front panel. If I scroll down too fast or next song too fast it will freeze up everything on the machine. I have to turn off, unplug the unit and plug back in after a few minutes. Extremely annoying. Does anyone have this issue and how can it be rectified?
Thx in advance...
Did it work fine this way before the software update? If so then I'd say there's something in the firmware causing the bug. Give Oppo a ring. If it's always done this, I would speculate that this added "feature" of the Oppo might be underpowered by whatever processor controls it. Just a guess. Still, give Oppo a call. I've heard raves about their customer service. I'm looking into buying the 103D some time next year.
How big is the memory stick? Stick to 8gb or less. Also, what format are you using? Any WMA in there will cause issues.
Try one of the usb ports on the back and also try a different memory stick.
Another thing you can try is to erase the usb stick and put the same files back on it. The data may be corrupted.
The stick was a Duracell 8gb.
I am having problems w/freezing or lock up also (almost have to restart once every week it seems). Sometimes it manifests itself as I switch from 1 file to another, there are usually a serious of pops/hiss and the new selected file "runs" but no sound thru system. Have had a discourse w/Oppo by phone and they point to 1 thing or the other, but it still happens now 6 months later .. they frustrate me. USB thumb drive types were verbally checked by them to be "ok" ("no difference" San Disk and Verbatim, 16-64gb usb 2.0 & 3.0)
My oppo 103d is having a problem with only certain tracts on my 1T seagate which I have connected to one of the rear usb ports. If I jump past these specific tracts (two that I’ve identified so far), the thing doesn’t freeze up. The music on my hd btw is 24 bit 192, 88, 176, etc.

I think it’s a corrupted data problem, but not sure. I’m soon replacing my 103d with a used 95 and moving it upstairs to be used in our home theater system and will see if the problem propagates with the hard drive.

Will keep you posted on my findings. I guess I could experiment with the thumb drives as well.
Its imperative that you restore the factory default settings after a firmware update on these machines.....I had the same problem, it was resolved after resetting / restoring factory defaults.  

The USB drive may not be "fast " enough, some cameras have problems writing to cards with slower data transfer rates, could be a problem with the drive
So how did you make out?   I thought my problems were cured but the other night I was trying to start Netflix and the player kept hanging up, the video was stuttering and the audio would cut out.....In addition the machine would occasionally lock up, prevent access to the Home menu or have some other anomally.

I called OPPO and they were very helpful.  They had me turn off the "Quickstart" mode and engage " Energy Saver" mode instead.   They were very forthright in saying they are aware of the issue and are working to correct it.  The only drawback is that with "Quickstart" disabled you can not wake the player with a tablet or phone using the OPPO Media app.   You must power up with an I.R. remote or via the front panel manually.   No big deal, it's such a great machine I can live with that.

I really appreciate their candor and the level of support they give..... I used to work for a company that you all know, people raved about their customer service but the truth is they would have me act like it was the first time I heard of a problem,  suggest they reload the firmware , or some other BS , the whole time knowing it was the hardware and that it would never have a fix......  
BTW, I Q/A'd Oppo tech on the idea of my freezing in light of fast or slow USB sticks and they gave no time or credence to that being a factor (my para)".. the USB speed is far faster than the player can access".
I had a similar problem and it turned out to be how I was accessing my network.  Oshare, which I'm using now works great and no more lock ups.  It seemed to be accessing a local hard drive I had hooked up but it wasn't.  Try just turning off your network if it's on and see?