Oppo 103 firmware

Oppo has released a new firmware version for the 103 players to resolve some issues with the player hanging up or having audio dropouts when playing BD longer than 3 hours.

I updated it and have been playing all types of media through it for the past couple of days and it seems solid
Thanks! :)
This may explain some issues I had with the player being used as an HDMI switcher.  I was feeding a Linux desktop through it and every now and then the image would just lock up.
FYI, Oppo owners: 103 & 105 can now be used to rip SACDs! Google it, I know people who've done it successfully. Could be a lifesaver for a few out there with big SACD collections. Cheers,
I just updated mine today and now the YouTube search screen is too large. The search field is out of view and I've tried every possible video setting in the main menu.  It's not a video setting in the TV (Sony LCD) but something in the player itself.  I'm stuck.  Is there a way I can revert back to the former firmware version?