Oppo 103 and PWD II - coax audio worth it?

In my basic 2.0 TV setup, I'm using a PWD II dac, a USB media player for PCM files and an old Phillips DVD player, along with Quad powered speakers and a good Samsung LED TV. In looking at upgrading the DVD player and thinking about an Oppo 103 as a way of combining media playing into one unit, I'm aware that the PWD won't take the Oppo's HDMI audio line. Is coax for audio a reasonable alternative? With coax and the Oppo, one loses the Dolby HD and DTS HD audio, but I can't say I've ever had a hankering for either when given the opportunity. Thanks,
Coax or TOSLINK will provide very good sound quality. It will be 2-channel only, but that may not be important to you...

No, two channel is fine. Toslink port already taken on dac (from TV).

Any suggestions for good coax cables (RCA to RCA)?