opnion on cd player of cary cdp-1

anyone hear and know this cd player its cost 2000$.
people what u think on the price of it.
and if quality cd player ?
pls give me opnion and recommended .
thanks my friends and have nice day
Good cd player. I have had two over the last couple of years. Very high signal to noise ratio (plays loud). Good with rock, blues etc. I thought it had an electronic edge on acoustic music. Fabulous HDCD decoding. Heavy piece.
Built in pre-amp to run straight to an amp.

Great value at $1000-$1150 used in 9/10 condition. You can do better at $1800 new or $1500 used. May want to look at
a used Ayre, Mcintosh 201 or an Esoteric DVP50s between
$1500-$2000 used. Get a Cambridge 840C before they all go up in price. Need to run it balanced for the sound everyone talks about.