Opinons on XLO Signature 5.1

Would like comments from those who have tried this cable. Thinking of buying a pair but no way to audition. Thank you.
It is traditional XLO character but at its BEST in every way. It improve over the Ref. series by at least 15 to 20% obviously depend on your other equipment as well. It is best to link up with other Sig. series cable such as the 4.1B, 1.1, or 2.1 . If you are interested, I have one extra 4.1B 1M balanced digital cable available. Good luck.
Get in touch with the Cable Company at www.fatwyre.com to try it out. They have a cable library, where you can give it a trial run in your system. You will have to pay a deposit I think, but finally it will cost you just the shipping and not more, if you send it back. They are very helpful and knowledgeable people.
THE Speaker Cable Well, here I can say: Listening is believing. There is all you want: Speed, holographic image, bass ( and how ! ), air ( lots of ) Timing is perfect. Some will say it is analytical. I have two answers for these: 1. Yes it is , but not in the usual way ( cold ), when there is something - you will hear it. 2. Yes, BUT - you will hear with what you feed them. I s your amp cold sounding, you hear it , it is not the cable, warm sounding, airy sounding etc. - you get it back. Some prefer something from cables because they want to compensate something ( you know, cold sounding systems with something warm like the Cardas etc. ). Let me warn you : When you own such a system and you use XLO, they will show you in a way that hurts what you have done with your system ( those of you using Levinson gear - don't use XLO, it is not so funny ....) But now to the serious listeners: When the system is able to sing and you connect this cable I am shure you'll be blown through the wall. No fog, no dust etc. around the notes. One of my best friends owns the biggest Rowland Amps with Martin Logans, he uses Cardas. After listening with my XLO's he really had problems going back ( But he loves the Midrange, and here is the Cardas fuller, but he is like me a fan of the high frequencies , you know the airy high frequencies, and here is the XLO Sign. a complete other world). For the fanatics of you readers: Use them in shot gun mode ( not bi- wire ! ). Real killers, you can't locate the speakers, specially when using one amp per side. But this is another story.
Be very careful of the CABLE COMPANY.

I purchased my XLO cables through there, and, while the XLO are very fine, I encountered grief and bait-and-switch from the Cable Company.

First, they ordered the wrong product, ignored the termination instructions I gave them; then tried to reverse the blame because I didn't purchase the AudioQuest cables they had on special: they must make more margin on them.

Excellent Cable, poor Distributor
dear mdorsam,
i m buying from cable company for 7 years(from 1994)
never i had any problem with them and they are lovely people,also too many friends of mine are buying from them
,and nobody has any problem with cable company.