Opinoins on SS.amps.

Hi,I had tube amp and sold.I now own a simaudio 4150se amp and it does a very good job.Would like a little bit of a tube sound but have the low end control I now enjoy as well as the upper end extention.I enjoy detail and natural sound from voicing and instruments.I have ML-Prodigy's and play alot of Jazz fusion as well as old rock and female vocals.I have read alot of good about the Plinius equipt that seems to fit this discription,any opinions are appreaciated,Thanks Bob
Have a listen to Pass amps. While solid state, their sound has some attractive tube-like characteristics. I think of them as a combination of the best of both worlds. Good luck.

I've used the old stand-by tube pre- and SS power for years and years. Perhaps I'll buy a SS pre- for comparison sometime soon. I've always enjoyed the tube warmth the pre- adds to the solid state power and control.
Check out the Ayre Acoustic V-5x and V-1x amplifiers.
I have an Ayre V-5x that replaced an Ayre V-3 & I mention that as anytime somebody (not just myself) sticks with the same brand that says something about the product.

I also have a Pass pre in my system & although you can get 100 opinions here, to make yourself happy you have to listen to it in your system to make the final decision. Sometimes that requires buying the piece you're interested in & then having to resell it because it didn't work out.

I mention the Ayre V-5x as we share similar musical tastes although I'm more female vocal & rock oriented but am building my jazz collection. Good luck with your search.
Thanks to all of you for your input,it is appreaciated.Regards Bob
Adcom 5802 is the amp
Do a search in the ads for McCormack. I currently see a DNA-2 Deluxe and DNA-2 Rev A for sale. Looks like both amps include a Synergistic Research A/C Master Coupler cord, which is a good bonus. The Deluxe with SMc Audio mods would give you what you want with your speakers.
Same with the Rev A and no waiting list for the mods. There are only a couple of upgrades not included with the Rev A that SMc offers, the Gold options.
Read about them here:
SMc Audio
Wolcott Amps are one of the best for driving your speakers
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