Opinions: What Power Cord for Aesthetix Gear?

Well it has been less than a year since I acquired the Aesthetix Calypso linestage and Rhea phono amp and I truthfully am one happy camper. That said, I recently found that isolation (decoupling) with a set of old Aurios Classics under the chassis resolved a huge difference to the positive in clearing up what to me was already a beautifully clear sound. Presently I am using a pair of PS Audio power cords on the Aesthetix gear and feel I could be doing better. Please offer me some help in a good recommendation to focus my efforts in the right direction for auditioning new power cords. If you have a recommendation based on "experience" with your Aesthetix equipment, all the better. One caveat though, I'm not looking to run out and pay a thousand dollars a piece for some cool power cords when I have a list a mile and a half long of vinyl I have yet to own. An audiophile has to have his (or her) priorities and I’m a record collector first and foremost. Thanks again.
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I understand the desire to avoid paying a fortune on power cables as I have avoided the same. With the Aesthetix Callisto Sig and Io models, and with the other components in my system, power cord differences were minimal at best until I got a power conditioner. This alone was like upgrading every component in my front end as the PC opened up the sound with each piece subsequently added to it. Now that I have this, power cable differences are VERY evident.

With the help of two local audiophiles, we tried the Electraglide Epiphany and EpiphanyX, IsoClean, Kubala-Sosna Emotion and my NBS Stmt. The Electraglides where very detailed (maybe a wee bit too much) but there was an intermittent hum in my system with them. Don't know if this is an issue with the Aesthetix or the CAT amps. The NBS and IsoClean were not at all as open and resolving as the Electraglide. My favorite was the K-S Emotion into the Callisto.

And several weeks ago, Joe Kubala was here to load up my system with the K-S Emotion and this was phenomenol. Tonal coherency was excellent. And what these cables did for dynamics with the CAT amps was wonderful.

I have since tried Purist Dominus cables with the Callisto and Io. There is clearly more midrange texture and longer decays with the Dominus but the background is not as black as with the K-S Emotion. I find that I like a Dominus Rev C on the Callisto and a Rev B on the Io. The C is more tonally coherent with the B being a bit more lively.

Rather than consider these top K-S or Purist models, perhaps stepping down one level in each product line might be just what the Dr. ordered. With my recent listening comparisons of Purist Dominus vs. Venustas ICs, there is a definite "house sound" here with the Venustas being very good! I gotta believe this is true for their power cables as well.

And by the way, I was also using PS Audio xStreme Stmt and Plus power cables in some places and once I got the PC, as good a value as the PS Audio can be, there was no going back to them once I heard the K-S or Purist.

The old TIffany TPC 60 was a good cord in its day. My guess is you could buy one now for $50.00. I've tried it on my Aesthetix and definitely better than the stock cord.
As for the Kubala Sosna cables, the entry RevolutionZ series of power cords is the Fascination. I have spoken to a couple people who have this cord and have found the sonics to be similar to the Emotion. The Emotion simply provides more of the KS cables sonic qualities. The Fascination retail pricing is $350 for the first meter and $100 for each additional meter. This is one great price for what you will receive. KS also has a trade up program you might look into.

As for how the KS work with the Aesthetix, I own the Calypso too, and am loving my KS Emotion cables.


BTW I am one of the friends Jafox referred to.
...It has been a long time and much has changed but, I have not traded in the Aesthetix Calypso or Rhea and the power cords that now reside are the Silent Source Signatures. Not as inexpensive as I had once hoped but, as lightly used cables, and after auditioning so many worthy opponents these are well burnt in and poses all the musical characteristics I desire. Some may have a case for the fact that the "power cable" is the (or a) source component and a very important one at that.

Happy Listening!
My friend has this he is using STEALTH top of the line cords sounds wonderful!!