Opinions wanted please, CJ Cav50 or Primaluna P2

I want to try another tube integrated amp.
My choices are these two.

Conrad Johnson cav-50 and Primaluna ProLogue 2

Either bought used.
Speakers are large bookshelf speakers two way 88db (Speakerlab das 3's) on metal sand filled stands with a B&W 600 powered sub. Arcam Diva 192 CD player.

Room 13'X22'

Music, all types, mostly electric blues and rock and Jazz.
with classical on the tunner most the time.

Thanks for any comments.
Can highly recommend the PL2.Very easy to tailor the sound,by "rolling" the input 12ax/au tubes.Auto-bias is a pleasure.This unit replaced some fairly expensive units IMS.Stock tubes have a slightly SS-like character.