Opinions wanted

I am new to audiogon. I lost my NAD T973 amp to a flood in my theater room. I want to replace it but would like opinions as to what other amps would be comparable or a slight upgrade
My house flooded too. Before you do anything in the way of hifi, figure out where you're going to set up. Basements are too problematic.
True. I do have a pretty elaborate pump system and back up. The flooding I believe was a fluke.
For home theater, I'd stick with another NAD.
Recently I heard good things about Onkyo for home theater.
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Do you need 7 channels? There have been some great deals on Primare amps lately. Big step up from your NAD

I am not familiar with NAD products for HT, but I can tell you that our Anthem Statement A5 does a phenomenal job with our eclectic mix of Aerial and Paradigm Reference speakers in our HT. And as many know, the Aerial 10T's need considerable power to sound their best. If you need 7 channels, the A5 could be supplemented with the A2.

BTW, I empathize with your loss due to the flooding. Our HT is in a large finished section of our basement, and although our basement is "waterproofed" I periodically check for signs of water penetration. So far we have been lucky.
Better clarity than NAD from what I've read;