Opinions Von Gaylord Chinchilla Interconnects?

Has anyone had any experience with Von Gaylord Audio CHINCHILLA? I am shopping for interconnects for a second system and have not heard or read a thing about these. All my experience is with Siltech. Are these ICs in the same category as SQ-88 G3 cables?
i would say they better the SQ-88 G3 cables, but i havea von gaylord preamp as well, so that may have something to do with it
>Von Gaylord Chinchilla

I could never own a product with a name that stupid. :-)
Drubin - then you are missing out
Chinchillas fry up real nice :)
For a college kid,Asonicyouth, you've got your act together. I'm almost 52 and I'm just now finding out the musical "truth" with the Von Gaylord cables. I've been on a cable safari for the last 3 years and have spent$$$ hundreds $$$$$, no, thousands $$$$$, in trying out countless name brand and DIY cables and until recently, I was never satisfied. Then I found the Von Gaylord cables.My find of a lifetime. The ultimate trophy. They are truly amazing. The Chinchilla's are from another universe. The next step down in the line, the Legend VI are still better than any other cable that I've tried. For the heck of it, I just ordered a couple of Chinchilla power cords, and oh my, I've gone to heaven. I kept my Elrod Sig. 3 on the amp and put one of the Chinchillas on my preamp and my entire system has been completely transformed for the better. I have never heard such pure,unadulterated music before, anywhere. I am absolutely mesmerized with the music. I have to slap myself to make sure I'm not dead or dreaming. I don't have the vocabulary to explain in adjectives and superlatives just what a "miracle" these cables are. You'll just have to try them and hear what I'm talking about. My cable "safari" is over. You won't hear much from me in the threads for a while, because I'm going to get caught up on some serious listening, something I unfortunately haven't wanted to do in a long time. Now that you've let the cat,er Chinchilla( I know it's a silly name, but if you can forget what it's called and hear what it does), out of the bag, Asonicyouth, I might as well tell the world the truth. I was going to keep the Von Gaylord line a secret, but sooner or later, you fellow Audiogoners would find out. I'm outta here. My stereo beckons...
Can i get a Hallelujah Chorus! Say word baby.... I'm off to the listing world