Opinions:Roksan Xerxes turntable

I have just traded for a 1995 Roksan Xerxes ( pre X ) turntable with an SME309 tonearm. I have yet to source a speed controller nor power supply(opinions on xps3.5 or xps5 appreciated!!). The dealers want $1000 just for these pieces ( DX2 box+xps3.5 board+dsu board ). Is this table/tonearm really going to be worth the $2000 I'll have into it by the time I get all the pieces ?

Thanks to all of you.
Drguayo. I have the older roxan zerxes with alphason arm from 1985.The table makes a very stable mount for the sme. The weakness of the design is the plinth which can droop over time. But I've only had to adjust this once in all that time and replace the belt along with bearing oil topup. I have somewheres[can't find it at present] a review for the X from Hifi mag. I think they recommended the more expensive power supply. The original roxan had just one. This turntable is very sensative to what touches its feet but when happy it makes foot stomping, sure footed sound,a fine example of pace and timing, very engaging, very quiet, a very fine alternative to the mass loaded designs. When I first heard the roxan I kept staring at the wall behind the player. It simply disappeared with music.....I had to have it....good luck...it will make you buy music.....
I have two older Roksan Xerxes' tables one of which is in use (circa '90) and one on the shelf (circa '85). The new one was found and repaired to try a different arm (Rega 900). The plinth drooping problem is very real and is certain to affect your table if it has not already. It is curable by clamping from below. Droop repaired Roksan's may be as good as new, at least they seem so to me. I paid $2K used for my first one including Tabriz arm, grado TLZ cartridge and PS and I thought it was worth the money. The older power supply for the motor is a one piece box with motor supply and DC power taps. You only need the motor supply unless you have a phono preamp built in. Older motor supplies have that foot stomping something but newer ones (also more expensive ones) may move more to the analytical side. Be certain you like what you hear after trying it all together before you buy. I would also recommend looking around for older Roksan supplies before you plonk down $1K for new ones.