Opinions Req. Ultimate Ears UE-11 Pro Ear Phones

I considering these in ear phones and was wondering how they stack up to the best conventional headphones such as the Grado RS-1, Senheiser HD650 or the HD800, AKH 701, etc..

I don't mind using a headphone amplifier, if that will help.

Sorry, I mean AKG 701.

The UE-11 Pro from Ultimate Ears is a relatively new 4 way transducer based in ear speakers and seemed quite promising. The only problem is that since they are custom molded to you ear, one cannot exactly listen to them and compare.

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I have the UE triple Fi-10pro which is the non-custom verson of the 10 pro ( set up for the iPhone). I also own a pair of Sennhizer 650s and Grado/Alessandro MS-2i. I only use UE at they gym and on the go but I have a Headamp gilmore light headphone amp.

They are all around pretty good. They are VERY dynamic ( lots of punch). The highs seem pretty balanced tonally but have a few peaks. The base is very clean and tight ( compatible to 650s). But there is a bit too much bass. The mids/ vocal are also very clean but they are a little scooped out. I end up turning them up a little to flesh out the vocals.

They do not sound like Grados but few things do. They are closer to the 650s than Grados and bring about 90% of what the 650s bring. I find the 650s are more refined on all levels than the UE tripe Fi-10 pro. But the EUs are more refined than most Grados.

The highs on the UE are pretty detailed but lack sound stage which takes a little bit of the life out of them. I find their highs best of the IEM though. All and all they are pretty balaned with no major falts.

They do improve with a good amp and scale well. If you use an iPod touch or iPhone you will not "need" an amp but iPods (classics) sound bad. Y If you are buying for home use get a full sized headphone but the EU are truly high-fi on the go.
Thanks James,

I too wish to use them with the iPhone.

Anyone else wish to comment?
Hi Clipsal,

I have no experience with the UE products, but I run the Shure 530s while traveling, and feel no need whatsoever to upgrade.

You could try these first for a lot less money

I run the 650's at home