Opinions regarding Parts Connexion SE + upgrades

Looking for opinions regarding Chris Johnson's SE+ upgrades for his Power 3 SE (factory), Line 3 SE (factory) , and Phono 1 SE (factory) I own all factory SE gear and am looking for opinions regarding his SE= upgrades. So, often when upgrading gear the cost is high, and the step up is small. Are they worth it????
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The overall opinion is the upgrades are definitely worth the money. I had both my Line 3 and Phono 1 upgraded and appreciated the improvements made. Shipping to Canada is a negative, though. About $100 each way for the Line 3.
Have had a phono 1 and Line 3 upgraded.
Have compared the upgraded line 3 to a Line 3 SE (factory), the upgraded unit does sound better.

In my opinion the upgrade is worth the money and effort
I had my Line 3 upgraded by Chris at the parts connection. It was worth the upgrade. I would do it again. I have not upgraded my Power 3s yet. I am already using KT88s. At some point I probably will. I just hate shipping to Canada.