Opinions re Thorens tables

I've never heard a Thorens table-vintage or new. I see several ads for vintage and rebuilt Thorens, and some I would consider expensive for an older TT ($1000). How does the Thorens td125 stack up against a new modern deck-say from Rega or Music Hall? Thanks for your opinions.
its almost easier to compare a 125 r 126 to the lp12, then to the rega or music hall. many of the belt driven models can get pretty close to the linn sound (if thats what you want), and they're generally easy to maintain. i've been a tho user for decades....that said, when you buy a 30 year old anything, make sure its condition is exceptional...not average...exceptional.
I have used the 125 many times but not recently. Build quality is very good. Get a replacement mat , the platter is prone to ringing if not well damped. Jaybo is correct, it would be much better than the decks you mention. There in a enormous amount of info on this site, Vinyl Engine and Audio Asylum on Thorens, I would study it before making a decision. In general their arms are good but not up to the table.
Thorens are excellent tables, when like all tables they are properly set up. If buying used, a must is to pick it up. No shipping, or 'you will be sorry.' Have it demo'd before you finalize the sale.
I am working on a thorens td 150 with a Rega RB300 arm.The first try has been very disapointing with very weak bass. I am a complete novice to this. Any advice?
the cartridge may make all the difference with 'bass'.
I have owned several classic Thorens decks, and the only two models I kept are the 126 and the 318. The others (124, 125, 150) were OK but not as good as I was expecting, based on the rave reviews they often receive IMHO. Complex mechanics and generally poor tonearms are the bugaboo. If you like tinkering then a classic Thorens is for you. I prefer to spend my time listening to music.
thanks for the advice much appreciated