Opinions Please - Sophia EL34ST Coke Bottle

If you use these tubes, have used these tubes or have had the opportunity to hear these tubes, I would be interested in what attributes you think this tube posses with respect to sound stage / image, bass control, hi and low extension, balance, tone, dynamics, etc;  maybe in comparison to other EL34 types. Please also note the amp in use and tubes in use (brand, opposed to stock tubes) prior to use of the Sophia EL34. Please advise of any tube you have compared to the Sophia and liked better or didn't like as much and reasoning.
Thank You
I was a dealer for Sohia Electric for years, am a big admire of what Richard does. Used to carry his little EL34 integrated amp and that was so sweet. One year we had a room at the RMAF in Denver and our Art Audio Carrisa popped. Replaced it with EL 34. People liked it better. That little amp retailed for about $1200 compared to the Carrisa at $7000 or so. Just a wonderful sound and just what you want and would expect from that tube. 


Thank You for sharing