Opinions please re: the MM cartridges on Mus. Hall

I often see that Music Hall tables are not given a very fair deal when people make recommendations. I own an MMF 5 and believe the reason that they are not always highly regarded is because of the package deal by MH that includes a MM Cartridge instead of a MC (except the MMF-9)
Do you think the Goldring cartridges hurt the Music Hall image?
I also own a VPI Scout with a Dynevector 20X. Yes it is better, much better, but I wonder if I put the same cart and Phono stage on my Music Hall would it be a closer comparison? Or I could put the Goldring on the Scout and see what happens? What do you think ? Would the MMF 5 sound nearly as good and if not why not?
Not sure about an 'image' problem..The music hall tables have a great reputation.
Aside from your point, it would be interesting to hear your impressions if you put Dyna on Music Hall and Goldring on VPI. Some people put Goldrings, like 1042, on quite expensive arms/tables; and some just don't accept MCs at all.
Personally, I don't care much about either VPI or Music Hall. I go for British.
I believe the weak link in most package Turntable deals is the cartridge. I purchased a Debut III package and it came with an Ortofon OM 5E Cartridge. I was very disappointed with the sound. I changed the cartridge out to a Denon DL-160 and was very surprised how much better that table sounded. Switch cartridges around, it's fun and interesting.

PS. I hated changing cartridge until I got TT with a user removable headshell. Ah the joy of personal choices.
I had an MMF 5.1 and was terribly disappointed with the Goldring cartridge. I swapped out a few different carts including a Dynavector 10x5 MC and Shelter 201 MM both of which seriously out performed the Goldring. I wasn't faulting the table itself, which is excellent but did question Hall's choice of Goldring for his tables. To echo Vegasears, changing carts can be a pain and the leads on the Music Hall are very delicate. Use great care when swapping or a broken lead will result..sounds like I speak with experience huh?
I bought a Music Hall TT despite its "kit" packaging with a preinstalled cartridge. (Platter needs a better mat, too.) Wanting to be fair, I gave it a listen with the Goldring but found the sound disappointing, thin and not at all what my previous TT/cartridge had produced. It was worth the extra expense to have the cartridge replaced by the shop technician where I purchased the TT (Shure V15VxMR), delighted with the sound :)
I found that a Herbies mat on the MMF5 made a huge difference in the bass performance. OTOH, I HATED it on my Linn, so go figure. I would try a Herbies mat before doing any upgrades to the MMF5.
The arm on Music Hall tables is the weak link.