Opinions Please - New Prodduction Sophia EL34ST Coke Bottle

If you use these tubes, have used these tubes or have had the opportunity to hear these tubes, I would be interested in what attributes you think this tube posses with respect to sound stage / image, bass control, hi and low extension, balance, tone, dynamics, etc; maybe in comparison to other EL34 types. Please also note the amp in use and tubes in use (brand, opposed to stock tubes) prior to use of the Sophia EL34. Please advise of any tube you have compared to the Sophia and liked better or didn't like as much and reasoning.
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The Sophia EL-34-ST tubes are a revelation in my Unison S6 - easily 60%-70% better than the Tung Sol EL-34B's the amp came with in every meaningful parameter.  The Sophias marry the bloom and sweetness of NOS tubes with modern frequency extension and solid state caliber dynamics and bass punch.  There are no weak areas.  Have not compared them with Psvane or Gold Lion KT77. 
After more extensive listening I have found the blue Sophia EL-34 tubes to be a little too much of a good thing. In my Unison S6 they are bright on a significant number of recordings. For example, listening to the Ray Brown Trio's "Summer Wind - Live at the Loa" SACD, when Gene Harris gets into the upper octaves on the piano the notes start to sound metallic. I switched to a matched sextet of the Gold Lion KT-77's and they were similarly bright. I suspect that this result is unique to the Union S6 with its unusual parallel single ended ultra-linear circuit. Since the amp was voiced for EL-34's I ordered a matched sextet of the Psvane EL-34 PH tubes which are updated replicas of the legendary metal base Phillips EL-34's. These did the trick - all of the positives of the blue Sophia's without the brightness. In the Unison S6 these are the best power tubes I've heard.

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Any other members try the above tubes? I've used the newer Mullards, EH. Any comparisons appreciated.  
The Sophias are a more forward, sparkly EL34.  This is in contrast to the Gold Lion KT77 for example which is going to be more rolled off.  Assuming you like a slightly more forward/linear presentation, they are brilliant.  

I have a few customers running these in Lampizator DACs and they rave about the detail they get from them.