Opinions Please - my next speaker $5 to $10K used

I'll start wiyth my system as matching components is so crucial.

Pass Labs X350.5
PS Audio PerfectWave DAC feeds Pass directly
PS Audio Perfect Wave Transport when I'm not streaming FLAC
PS Audio Power Plant Premier - for my Digital sources
Great attention to AC including dedicated 30amp circuit
MBL 121's
JL Audio Fathom F113
Room size around 14 X 16 but opening in the back for an additional 8 feet. Bass traps on all corners

Limitations: My MBL's sit well into the room sort of compromising the entry. My dad now needs a walker (he's 93) and wish speaker placement closer to the back wall - a consideration with my next purchase. The MBL's are great! They just won't work in my room A and would really need a second sub B. I've run out of footprint for a second sub.

We listen to Rock, Classic rock, Alternative, Jazz, Blues, female vocalists, classical.

My current speaker interests are in order;

Eggleston Andra II's
Revel Ultima Salon or Studio II's
Acoustic Zen Crecendo
Wilson Sophia II's Worry about room placement
Vandersteen 5A - worry about so called laid back sound?
Usher BE10's
Intuitive Design Summit
Montana ESP2
Silverline Sonatina MK IV - jeez these sounded good in a breif audition

Pretty good list huh ;)

I believe the Pass will handle all of the fore mentioned speakers with ease. I wish to sell the Pass one day to to the room heating effect it has in our crappy rental but don't want to go backwards in quality.

Thank for your time in advance.
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the EGG's sound good Anywhere, FULL RANGE, and can be placed 2-3ft. from the back wall. BUT... i would get some good cables for them.
forget about Wilson speakers unless you can place them Exactly where they sound the best- AND THEN there's system matching and room matching issues to be addressed as well. i am NOT a fan of vandersteens (but only heard the 2's and they sounded Lifeless to my ears). i can't comment on the others.
With your setup and choices go Wilson Sophia II's

Here's my take:

Eggleston nice speaker but not as detailed as the MBL good midrange, decent bass can work close to rear wall

Wilson: Great dyanamics, good bass, very detailed, will not work well close to rear wall, and can be very finicky.

Salons: original version way too boring, newer version better but still okay sounding. Nothing jumps out at you nice balance but not a very engaging sound.

I would stay away from any of the way smaller players who knows if they will be around in the next few years, so I would lump the Silverlines, Montana, and Intuitive in that camp.

The 5A has a lot of bonuses in terms of room tuning, but it is very Vandersteen sounding, big warm midrange, recessed top and very warm bass, the tonal opposite of the fast, clean MBL sound.

Last and best choice: Usher BE 10, fast, clean, extraordinary natural and articulate midrange,deep tight bass but not too much, clean airy top end, great dynamics,lastly these speakers through a huge three dimensional soundstage.

A well setup pair of BE 10 is very hard to beat, and with the size of Usher they will be around. Usher is like the B&W of Asia, and they are a good deal on the used market.
The older I get the more I'm convinced that there is no such thing as the perfect speaker. Each design has their own trade-offs. Given your wide taste in music I would suggest getting two speakers of completely different (but tried and true) designs. The first would be a planar or electrostataic (Quad, Maggies, Soundlab). The other speaker would be high efficient model - either single driver, open baffle or horn. Having two such speakers would give you the best of both sound worlds and provides tremendous musical flexibility. It's a bit unconventional but that's been my current thought on the matter for a while.
I don't want to sound like a fanboy and just promote what I own. But that pair of GMA C3s on the Gon right now is a smokin deal. Hopefully you might have heard one of Roy's designs in the past, but that is the one to have.

BTW, I have owned some of the speakers on your list.

I previously owned the original Sophias and the Montana EPS2s. I also owned the Silverline Sonata II. GMA speakers are better than all of those. I actually replaced the Montanas with a pair of Callistos years ago. That's punching well above your class IMHO.

But the ESLs needs room behind them & the full ranges are going to burned in a second by the Pass X350.5
Unfortunately !
While I agree with Audiofreakgeek's descriptions & I agree that the Usher BE 10 fills your criteria better than the rest,
I recommend the new Proac Response D38R for your system, as a much more tasteful & delightful speaker to enjoy your favorit music.
Interesting opinions, thanks.

I've never even heard of GMA speakers. Will they be around for the next 5 years?

No there's no perfect speaker, but a lot of great ones. I like my MBL's. They don't move a lot of air but they give great air where it's needed.

I came from a pair of line arrays then a pair of Dynaudio Confidence C1's. I think we're missing the extraordinary low end response of the line arrays. The MBL's are crossed at 50Hz witch is a good thing IMO. They don't try to do to much. Having a baby and a 93 YO with a walker has limited my floor space :). They're both audiophiles so no worry.

We like the look of the Usher and have enjoyed the sound from what limited time I've listened to them - mostly at shows.

I check out the other speaker recommendations.

Thanks for your responses! Great community.
>I've never even heard of GMA speakers. Will they be around for the next 5 years?<

They have been around for ~20 years, that's all I can tell you.

There's a pair of the GMA HD's for sale locally. Nice looking speakers. Nice writeup for the C3's on 6moons website. Interesting.