opinions please: CJ PV12L w/ a BAT VK200?

Hi all. First time poster and I come seeking your guidance. I have a Conrad Johnsob PV12L and Magnepan 12s. I need an amp and I have a line on a BAT VK200 for under $1,000. I would like to hear any thoughts, experiances, or other suggestions. Thanks in advance.
BAT has balanced connectors,CJ doesnt.Other than that I believe they will work fine.I have a CJ pre now also,real nice.Best of luck,B
does doing RCA>XLR have any negative impacts? thanks for the reply.
No negative effects Im aware of.Just a little work to get it setup correctly and small amounts of money to build it,YMMV,Bob
Negative effects? Well, let's just say that staying balanced has it's advantages.
I am not sure of the differences between the PV10b and the PV12L but I didn't like the 10B with my VK200. It was too dark and laid back for my tastes. If the 12 is more transparent then it would be a decent fit but of course this is my 2 cents. My speakers are Tyler Acoustics so I am not sure how they match up with the Maggies.
Update and thank you.
I was getting a bad vibe from the seller of the BAT. I did however find a CJ MF2100 here on GON. So I think the pair should do well. From what I understand the trio should work well. Now on to cables and source (till I go through this all again). Any additional comments are mst welcome.
thanks again
LOL...I have had lots of bad vibes from sellers here but life marches on :)

The MF series should be a good match. I would tend to get some cables that are relatively neutral sounding. Not sure of your budget?
My suggestion would be to have Bob Backert at RHB Sound Dezign modify your PV-12. Stock, it has a good sound but the soundstage is flat, flat, flat, like there's just a wall you're hearing slightly behind the speakers. Bob's mods cause a huge leap forward in depth, dimensionality and imaging. And the tone and dynamics will improve as well. This is true with his circuit mods AND his power supply mods. The dynamics end up being just unbelievable.
Just my 2 cents.
What Hukkfinn said. Bob did an incredible job with my PV12L!