Opinions please

I am looking at the following speakers as an upgrade to my current speakers (PSB Gold Is) and would appreciate any comments on them:

Montana EPX (used)
Dunlavy Cantata (demo)
Tyler Linbrook Sig System (new)
Dynaudio Contour 3.3 (demo)

I've heard the Dunlavy's and Contour 3.3s in other systems. I liked the 3.3s more, but I'm wondering if they are worth the additional money. I have not heard the Linbrooks or EPXs, but I have read nothing but favorable comments on them. They also cost more than the Cantatas, but again, I question whether I will get the return on my expenditure.

My room is approx 2400 cu ft. and I have an Aragon 4004 amp and an AI Mod 3A preamp.

Thanks for your help.

I can only comment on the Tyler Linbrooks which I have set up with a mcIntosh C37 pre and a 202 power amp, the linbrooks are clean and detailed with a lively presentation which is never fatiging. If you are in the Detroit area you are welcome to come over and demo them.
The Montana;with the right equipment is where I would put my money. I owned the EPS for over 3 years. The only used EPXs 4 sale here, were sold by a friend, because of his job situation.(The only pair I've ever seen; used.) I'm sure the other speakers are fine,indeed.Once you get to this level of speaker what you use to drive them matters,a lot.--Your amp and pre combo is a level below what will make the EXPs sing.--Go with the Gold i--Just my opinion.
I would agree with Avguygeorge if you asked my 2 cents. If I had your system I would look to be upgrading upstream before changing speakers. There is much more satisfaction to be had in taking this approach than in doing it speakers first, in my experience.

Once your upstream changes are done, you will be able to hear the differences between the speakers on your list much better.
Although I am a big Montana fan, I agree with the other opinions. Front end upgrades would yield a huge improvement that would be further realized later on with better speakers. Your preamp is pretty darn good for the money, but the Aragon should go. And you didn't mention your source, that might be another area to look at.

I think you should consider a nice tube amp and add a vinyl front end, if you don't already have one. These two things will reap large benefits while keeping your existing PSB speakers. But when it's upgrade time again, Montanas are the REAL deal.

Thanks for the replies guys.

It appears as though the Montanas are the choice, provided I have the proper electronics. So, what would be a good amp to use with the Montanas?

The Dyns were very, very good IMO, so how are the Montanas better? Can you guys elaborate?



I think you have to hear the EPX with high quality ancillary parts. I ran my EPS with CJ 8xs triode monos. The EPX is a step up in all areas,starting with the bass. The 3.3 needs a quailty SS amp.So you have choices on where you want to go. A good front end is not negotiable.The best speakers need the best;fed to them.---Or, you could buy them,use them with what U got, and never know---.
I guess I will take a different viewpoint to many of the other posters... I believe there is nothing wrong with your front-end at all... Aragon's older amps are fine, IMO (the newer ones aren't too bad either). I really don't believe you are missing much (if anything) there.

As for speakers, I prefer the Linbrook Signature System to all except the Montanas, as I have not heard them. I will say that the Linbrooks are going to be tough for the Montanas to beat though (even though I am sure they sound superb), as the Tylers have tremendous high quality low bass that few speakers can touch anywhere near their price range. That coupled with a crystal clear midrange and natural sounding highs make them a good choice to my ears. I power mine with a Cary Preamp and Aragon amp, and the combo works just fine, BTW.

Good luck... They are all good speakers,

I do NOT believe that the Linbrook Signature System (very good) can sound better than the Montana EPX. I would love to purchase a pair of used EPX's. If you don't purchase them please email me where I could pick up a used pair in very good condition.
Best regards...