Opinions: PBN Montana speakers model xps signatu

I am thinking about selling these speakers...what speaker would be an upgrade to replace ...or keep them ??
Opinions please
As long as you think your room is large enough for them, then keep em'. I own the XP-1 Sig. and I love them. I sold my Maggie 20.1 for them. They look beautiful and sound even better. They are neutral sounding, with no frequencies showing off, but that's why I never tire of them. Upgrading from them is gonna cost you big bucks.
I dont know your room size or budget but I can tell you I was in a similar place a year ago. I had the Montana EPS 2 which I did like but was looking to upgrade. I moved up in the Montana line to the WAS2 and could not be happier. While I expected a improvement over the EPS 2 what I got (once I got things dialed in) was a whole other level of performance a truely spectacular sound.
What about your current sound has you thinking about upgrading?