Opinions on Yamaha CT 7000 Tuner

Hi, has anyone ever heard this tuner. I have people telling me, this is the greatest Tuner ever. It came out in the mid 70s. It was definitely expensive, it listed for 1250 back then. How does this tuner compare against the Sequerra, Revox, Onkyo 9090, Sansui TU 9900, Tandberg tuner, or any other top of the line tuner. Thanks
One of the top 10 tuners I have ever owned.
There is also the even rarer CT-7000B (black) version.
The Yamaha T-2 is also very nice, and in a much slimmer package.

The only down side is that they do sometimes need to be
aligned by Yamaha. Last I checked, about 5 years ago, this was $120.
If you end up with one, send us the serial number and a
large SASE and we will send you a copy of the original brochure.
Remember: "A good FM tuner is a like a million dollar CD collection", someone once told me.
Regards, Brian
I concur, one of the great tuners listening(most important) and lookswise(pretty important) of all time. Great sounding and reliable, your lucky if you own one.
Great tuners, I have had four of them over the years and currently I have a silver and a black one in great shape. They are quite sensitive but it is the sound quality that sets them apart. Built like a tank and almost the size of a receiver. I also have a T2 which is also quite nice. I have a Sony STJ88 for sale from that same vintage, was 1200.00 mid 70's. Very dynamic and more sensitive than the CT7000. The CT7000 is a true classic.
The CT 7000 is indeed one of the all time classic tuners. For what it's worth, both Stereophile and Absolute Sound rated this tuner as their highest classification in its day. It's not too often they agree! Interestingly, when you can find one, the price is less than lesser units. I finally found one a few years ago. My last tuner.


PS: Old audiophile trivia question: Which tuner replaced the great Marantz 10B as Class A tuner in the old JGH Stereophile listings? Answer: The Yamaha CT-7000, of course.
One of the Best Ever
Have owned my CT7000 for 8 years and will never let it leave my sight. Everything about this kit is truly first class. Very few built. In Australia, all initially owned by ABC executive, way too expensive for the average human. Sound is at another level to anything else I have heard. All modern tuners are sad in comparison. If you get an opportunity to look under it's skin, do so, it is a work of art. If you are lucky enough to be given opportunity to own one, seize the moment. Mark
The CT 7000 is certainly a great tuner. One of the best I have heard. I own one. I also own a Kenwood L-01T (my favorite), a Marantz 2130, a Uher EG 750, an Accuphase T-106, and a Myryad MT 100. In terms of overall musicality, the Kenwood is the clear winner for me. The Yamaha is a very close 2nd. The Marantz and Uher roughly tie for 3rd, barely ahead of the Accuphase. The Myryad trails at a distant 5th.

With the exception of the Myryad, I will never sell any of these tuners. But none of them disappoint! The Kenwood and Yamaha are very hard to come by. As Eyemac said, if you are interested in the Yamaha and get the opportunity, seize the moment! I actually prefer the Kenwood and even the Yamaha over the Marantz 10B!