Opinions on XLO, Tara Lab, Synergistic

Anyone knowing information between the XLO Limited edition, Tara Labs "The One" and the Synergistic Designer Reference interconnects. I can not decide which one to purchase for use between my DAC and Pre Amp. RCA configuration. Your opinion is greatly needed, thanks.
Here is what I suggest having no experience with the exact cables you mention, though familiar with and run two of the three makes, not models. Goto audioreview.com and into the cable pages. Choose a cable, any cable, it does not matter which one. When that whatever cable window you choose pops up, you will see, in the upper right hand corner of the window, several links to "cable reviews." Dig through there and I am sure there will be a review on some, if not all of the cables you are asking about. I seem to recall one review that directly compares the XLO LE to the Tara to one other, though the digital links.
what's your products?
If you are based in the US, contact CableCompany (www.fatwyre.com). They have a cable library which they lend cables to try. They charge a fee which is deducted from your purchase.
J thunders. I have found the best search for reviews is Google.com. It seems to come up with everything out there. At least it has with the searches I have attempted.
Hi Adsal,
The interconnect will be used between Sonic Frontiers equipment to a SS amp. Let me know which one works better, thanks.
hey, wait a minute. who's whom here? bowlerds answers for kevin3xz? -kelly
I tried the XLO limited and Tara Labs One from Cable company. I much preferred the XLO in my system. The Tara Labs I found to be detailed but too bright and lacking in dynamics in comparison to the XLO Limited. I have not tried the Synergistic cables
Sorry for the mix up everyone. I was with Bowlerds at the time, we were discussing our options and did not realize that he was signed on until we posted the reply.
my choice is.
first,syn desig.ref.squared with mastercontrol center mk2
than xlo le.i never tried tara the one.i would love to tried the zero
but the best way is you call robert stein from cable company and ask him he has very important data about cables match.
i have tried the synergistic,purist audio 'dominus' and xlo limited edition and bought the xlo le. i then tried and bought the le digital and one other interconnect pair.they are great. the pa was very good also bought its size,in my system, prohibited its use. the xlo cables are fast,great detail retrieval,great transient response,very black background and huge soundstage.vocals are clearer. the speaker cables,imo,in my system,are too heavy. i am trying out a biamped pair of vahallas. but the xlos are just great. hope this helps. dave smith