Opinions on Wireworld Gold Eclipse III+

Those that have used this what do you think and what did you use it with?
I have a one meter pair between my DAC (EVS M II) and my preamp (SF Line 2 SE) and I'm very pleased. I've been through an embarassing number of cables over the last few years and this is the only silver design that I'm completely happy with -- neutral, full bodied (like copper), with great detail revelation (as silver does best). It's been in my system for a year and I have no desire to change it.
I used a single-ended pair of the Gold Eclipse III+ between CDP/preamp. At the time, I was using the Arcam FMJ CD23 and Blue Circle BC3 Galatea. I later used them between the Arcam and the Aloia PST 11.01 inductive preamp. Cabeling between preamp/amp was Tara Labs The 2 with Solo floating ground station.

At $1200 per meter pair, they compete with top cables from a number of other companies. The only other silver wire that I had on hand at the time I owned the WW cables were the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference. In my system I found the WW cables to be more revealing, although the Acoustic Zen were also very good.

WW thinks that thier top interconnects come about as close as it gets to a direct connection, and claim that they have done extensive testing to back this up. I found them to be pretty much sonically invisable, with no sound of thier own that I could detect. I beleive that a reference quality cable should simply pass the signal between components, and not otherwise effect it. The Gold Eclipse are definately reference quality, and will allow you to to hear the true measure of your components without adding any coloration of thier own.

It's my opinion that cables are an important part of any high resolution system, but I still think even the best are way overpriced. For this reason, I buy only used cables that I find here at Audiogon. The one meter pair that I bought were perfect, and were scored for less than half of retail. Buying used can allow you to try a number of different wires with little financial loss if you decide to sell.
Lovely cables - have loads of detail and dynamics, and just a tad forward - but this is not to imply brightness or thinness - in fact they have a full-bodied weight to them that is matched by very few other cables. My only complaint was that PRAT is not as good as it should be at this price - complex music loses some of its organisation, and a bit of chaos creeps in.