Opinions on Wireworld Eqinox cables

Hi, has anyone heard these speaker cables or the interconnects. How do people like WireWorld cables.
I have their IC's. They're one step above Radio Shack.
As the rest of my system grew in resolution, my Equinox MkII interconnects (.5M and 5M RCAs) always provided decent resolution without being fatiguing. It took a considerably more expensive cable to get better resolution without being fatiguing. In various incarnations of my system, the Pro Silway MkII RCAs and Cardas Nuetral Reference XLRs sounded great. The longer Equinox now does subwoofer duty. I don't think you can go wrong with the Equinox in any system costing less than about $5k. Note that I'm using Polaris speaker cables, which will be replaced eventually.
I had a pair of Equinox III+ 10 ft. biwired cables. They were very neutral. Detail was well preserved. Bass was very well defined, but possible a tad lean.

I now have a bi-wired set of Analysis Plus -- Oval 9 on the bottom and Silver Oval on top. In my system this was a step up in musicality, but I still have considerable respect for the Wireworld Equinox. Years ago I had various high end model Monster, cheap Tara, Audiodyne, and a few others I don't remember. The Wireworld Equinox III+ was a huge improvement.