Opinions on Wireworld and Acoustic Zen digital

Anybody have experience and comparisons on the AZ MC2 or the Wireworld Gold Starlight 3+.

The Acoustic Zen MC2 has been my current favorite for a few years, the other one I own and like is the Virtual Dynamics Nite. I also owned Kimber Illuminations D60, Cardas Lightning L15, and others from Mapleshade and Stereovox.

I did a direct comparison of five of the six cables not including the Stereovox a few years ago, and in my system I preferred the Acoustic Zen and Virtual Dynamics because in comparison to the other three they created a much larger and more expansive soundfield. The AZ has a touch of warmth, while the Nite sounds slightly cooler. I had the Stereovox when I owned the Ack! dAck! which came with that cable. I only compared it to the AZ, and I felt the Stereovox sounded closest to the D60.
I use AZ and I am very happy with it.
I used the Wireworld GS 3+ for a while and liked it a lot. However I had it in a short length, just a half meter. Since then I have proved to myself that Empirical Audio's Steve Nugent is correct to recommend a 1.5 meter minimum length.

That made the Wireworld GS too dear for me, though. I went back to UHF Magazine's Audiophile Store, who sold me the WW GS in the first place. They say their new Atlas Opus is even better than the WW GS, and a lot cheaper.

UHF's cables page
That's right. 1.5 meter being the optimal length was discussed a lot four or five years ago on the 'GoN, but it hasn't been mentioned much lately. Not that I understand it, but there also seemed to be science to back up what people were hearing.
I remember the paper about the 1.5 meter thing; I seem to remember that the result was that 1 m. was suboptimal, not that 1.5 was optimal. 1.5 m. was better than 1, but (this was a while ago) I think I ran the numbers on .5 m & they came out better than 1 m, close to 1.5 m.