Opinions on Welborne Labs Zephyr passive pre

Anyone try this preamp and have an opinion on it? I am thinking of trying one.
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I am thinking of trying one as well, so I'd also like to hear opinions.
I've had one for several years and am very pleased with it. The remote works well from about 25-30 ft. and has volume, balance, mute, power, and input controls. My Zephyr was factory built and has one set RCA inputs and one set of RCA outputs. I've A/B'd it with a Bottlehead Extended Foreply III active tube pre and it was hard to determine a difference between the two! The Zephyr was a bit more defined/precise but the Foreplay had a somewhat deeper soundstage and could achieve a higher gain. Speaks very well for the Bottlehead.

My system:
*Sony SCD-777ES SACD/CD player-modified/upgraded by R. Kern
*Welborne Zephyr passive pre
*Welborne Laurel II Ultimate 300B SET monoblocks w/ WE 300B's
*Klipsch Cornerhorns-1970s vintage w/ alnico drivers
*Audioquest cables
*Monster HTS 3600 Mk. II power center