Opinions on VTL-IT 85 paired with Silverline Sonat

I'm looking to see peoples thoughts on Silverline Sonatinas paired with VTL-IT 85. I know they are supposed to be paired with SET amps, but would they work nicely with a push pull like the VTL?
they would be great. this combo can get the grunt needed for classical and rock, no set on any speaker will do that. silverline is a very underratted speaker. as good as they come.
Silverlines Sonatas are receptive to low or high power. They are an easy load for amps. I am driving them at this moment with 60 watts from Atma-Sphere M60 mk II.3's but they also liked the 120 watts from a pair of Manley's and really sang.

I think the power and detail of VTL will be a fine match for these speakers.
My Mcintosh 75 watt tube integrated drove them well with authority. Shouldnt have any problems.
I am driving my Sonata lll's with the VTL Stero 150 and they are a great match. As you know these speakers don't need a lot of power to drive them but the additional power of the VTL can only help. My suggestion is to get the VTL modified as soon as you can by a reputable upgrade company. New caps, resistors, power supply changes will make these amps sing and sound like a $10K amp. These speakers are in a class of their own. Enjoy