opinions on VMPS dipole surrounds ?

Looking for a pair of musical dipole surrounds to go with my aerial fronts, any opinions on the VMPS dipoles ?
VMPS DIPOLEs are actually bipolar in their radiation pattern. As long as you know the difference, they are great.

I am a VMPS dealer and I use RM1s with DIPOLES "stacked" on top for a "TRIPOLE" and the surround perfromance is "unmatched".


I have the Dipole surround SE's (Focal inverted hard dome tweeter and graphite woofers) They sound fantastic and are very articulate speakers. I'd recommend them to anyone. They will also make very good monitors if you are looking for a reasonably priced but very high quality front speaker. Just make sure to add a subwoofer with them if they are to be used as front speakers.