Opinions on Vandersteen 5's

I like rock'n'roll & blues. I also like tube amps. Will I like this combo?
I have Mod 5's and have owned McCormack DNA2-LAE(300wpc), Bel Canto SET80s(80wpc tube), Viva Aurora's(21wpc). The Viva's kick the snot(and pocket book) out of the other two. The Mac probably was better for rock, if you like punch. The BC's had a great midrange for jazz, blues, but a little light on highs and bass. It just goes to show you a watt doesn't necessarily translate to your ears or great music. Try to audition before you buy. The Vandy's will be as good as your system allows them to be! Good luck, dr
STOP! The Vandee's are nice, But I noticed a pair of Duntech 2001 Soverign's in Black for $5,000 on this site. They list for about 20m & will take on most anything you compare them to, including the big Wilson's. These are definetly a sleeper purchanse for that amount if their size is not a problem. They make bass that most speaker manufactors only dream about. Their soundstage in pinpoint accurate & goes forever. They are 4 ohm load, but any good quality tube amp would make them sing! Good Luck
The thing that is most unique and appealing about the Vandersteen 5's is the quality and adjustability of their bass drivers. Read Robert Harley's review in TAS...