Opinions on using a Proceed AVP for 2-channel stereo only?

Is there another older DSP preamp that would be equally good for just 2-channel stereo?  Or should I stay with this this preamp?

Tad confusing to me in that...

(1)  is there a particular reason that you are focused on using an AV preamp for strictly 2-channel audio performance?

 Or is it a case that

(2) you have a multichannel AV system with this AVP and it is used only occasionally for a 2-channel audio event?

Even a modest quality build "built-for-just a 2-channel" system piece  (either a pre-amp/power amp combo or an integrated amp) will smoke an AV multi-channel unit performance-wise in a 2-channel audio experience, 
i used the proceed for 2ch in my office for a year or so--it's very well built but soundwise didn't match the (much more modest) arcam, rotel and even yamaha s1000 that preceeded and suceeded it--like akg i'd think you're generally better off with a dedicated 2ch system. the one exception might be a b&k 505 avr, which did sound very good in plain old stereo.
When I had a 5.1 HT system, the SSP was an AVP-2.  The AVP-2 was considered to be a fair notch above the AVP in SQ.  I kept using this over newer models because of its tonally rich SQ.  However, just to satisfy my curiosity, I tried it as the preamp in the 2 channel rig.  It did not fair well against the 2 channel preamp at all, a Rowland Capri Series 1.  In comparison, the AVP-2 sounded very flat with little depth or width, attacks were dulled, air around the instruments was lacking, and on and on.  Therefore, IMO, a dedicated 2 channel preamp of decent quality would smoke the AVP in that usage.