Opinions on Todd Rundgren fronting the New Cars?

Todd's a hero of mine. While he's certainly made some very strange ideas work in the past, I'm a bit nervous about this one. I understand a cd is out next Teusday with a tour to follow in the spring. Anyone know anything?
I saw him solo about 1 or 2 years ago and he is a WILD man. Did I miss something? Where is Ric Ocasek?
If I were married to Paulina Porzikova(?) I would never leave home again! : )
Ric married the model and bolted. After he left, the band, um, stalled. Todd and Kasim Sultan joined and off they go.
I don't see how they can even have Cars anywhere near the name without Orr and Ocasek.
Maybe Ocasek is still in the band and Todd is replacing the late Benjamin Orr. Ric's early album were quite good,Beauitude was very good and the Emotions in Motion was great too.

Two parts The Cars
Two parts Utopia
One part The Tubes

Hopefully, the upside will be that The Cars won't be as deathly boring live as they were in their heyday.

Any chance for "White Punks On Dope", "Number 1 Lowest Common Denominator", and "Last Ride" as the encore?

Just joking, the guitar solos on those two Rundgren tunes are unbelievable live. While I at a wish list, toss in "Initiation".

The press release I saw that prompted this thread indicated that Ric was out, Todd and Kasim in. I don't know much more than that.
In and out the ChaCars we go.
todd too is a hero of mine. i have seen him/utopia over twenty five times dating back to 1979. i'm sure i will go see this thing they call cartopia. i think he'll pull it off. as i read at one time he is a chameleon.
Not trying to hijack but has anybody have any positive experience with remastered Rundgren on disc(older stuff before 77ish?).Wanted to pick up TODD and SOMETING?ANYTHING and a few others but haven't yet and was wondering if anyone had luck with a certain release?
Maybe i should of started another thread but heck i am tired and didn't get much sleep.....zzzzz

Rundgren with the cars eh......yeah i was a huge fan along time ago but haven't listened for a long time.How is he sounding(and writing) these days?
the japanese cd pressings of wiz true star is revelatory
at least they may sit out this summer's ringo starr's all- star tour this summer. paulina is starting to look like rick.
i've heard a couple of tunes of Todd with the new cars and they pull it off well. Todd is no Ocasek to watch so the live shows may be odd at first.

Seeburk, todd is still being his own unique self and writing a lot of good intellitent music. there are a few clunkers as to be expected. The thing i dig about todd is his willingness to take chances live. No playing it just like the record every time in my experiences over the last 20 yrs or so.
To second Piezo's comments, Todd is the ultimate double edged sword: He deliberately wanders off into the bizarre corners of music and challenges listeners to follow. I'm a huge fan and, as often as not, I don't get it. But, he is an amazing songwriter, can drop your jaw with his guitar (when he chooses to) and is a truly idiosyncratic tour guide through every corner of pop music (from Gilbert & Sullivan through the Yardbirds). Even when he misses the mark (see Liars, his recent Groove/Electronica flavored CD), you always suspect that maybe the music will show its merits upon revisiting later or being reworked live. In short, hard to pass judgement on this guy - pay your money and take your chances. The highlights are unbeatable and make it all worthwhile for me.
Rundgren is a great experimenter, no doubt. And he definetly deserves credit for never getting stuck in a groove for too long.

But, I just don't see how The Cars monotonic music(which I like) is going to survive his guitar pyrotechnics. There's nothing better that when he lets loose one of his blistering solos.
Hey, it might be JUST WHAT THEY NEEDED
I don't mind you coming here
I thought about it for a long long time
and wasting all my time
maybe I think too much but somethings wrong
cause when I find you oh so near
there's something here doesn't last too long
I kind of loose my mind
maybe I shouldn't think of you as mine

yeah, it will work
I think Todd could pull it off fine
has to be better than Paul Rogers with Queen
Let's go!
The new Cars with Todd was on Leno last night. They played Let the Good Times Roll and it sounded OK but boring. The guitars were good and so were the drums and synth but it could not lift the performance. Maybe the song is just too old, maybe it was not as good a song as I remember, maybe I was just thinking too much about how Todd sounded, which was OK just different, maybe I am just a whining bitch :^)

After seeing that I would not see them in concert even though I always liked the Cars.
Nope. Your whining is justified.
I thought they sounded like a cover band.
Just gotta hope that the band determined that Leno wasn't the place for a little extended guitar embellishment.
On the other hand, I still intend to take in the show. Future performances may vary - time will tell.