Opinions on Threshold Amplifiers

I curious what people think of Threshold amplifiers. Are they still the same since N. Pass left the company many years ago. When were their prime years and what are their best models. Finally, do their older amps still have what it takes to compete with current offerings from Mark Levinson, Pass Labs, McCormack, Krell, Classe', etc.?
I have always enjoyed Threshold equipment.In my opinion the better units are the CAS 2 , 400a,Stasis series,and the SA3. To me they have all the sound one could want from an amplifier. All are built like a battleship,and the parts used are vastly superior to most out there. I have auditioned the PASS Labs,killer equipment,but out of my price range. Visit Vinatge Amp.com fo more info.
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I enjoyed the SA300(I believe), back in the late 80s. I had traded my Mcintosh intergrated for this used Threshold. I thought I had reached the audio pinnacle. Not to be. The electronics, in my opinion, of the latest generation, especially solid state, have gained much in musicality and tonality. Eliminated, is much of the harshness or grain associated with solid state. Of course, you may want to investigate tubes.