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Hi Speaker community,

I need your help. I'm a student that is doing a project on this new product that sanitizes phones. The device is also supposed to have quality speakers and an alarm clock. My question is would you actually by this kind of product if it was priced 200-250? Would it be better if we emphasize on the sanitizing component or the speaker?

Any info or opinion would greatly appreciated.

PS this is not spam
A student? In what grade? 8th?

No, I would not "by" this product. LOL!
Nice spelling. I think you must be describing it incorrectly. You say it is supposed to sanitize phones, but then you say that it would have quality speakers and an alarm clock. Is it a cleaning device or a component?
Are you not at liberty to divulge to us the actual product name? Is this
the one that also: fillets, chops, dices, slices, mows a lawn, picks up
the kids from school, gets rid of unwanted facial hair or age spots,
delivers a pizza, finds that slipper that's been at large under the Chaise
Lounge for several weeks, plays a mean rhythm master, makes excuses
for unwanted lipstick on your collar, removes embarrassing stains from
contour sheets, entertains visiting relatives, turns a sandwich into a
banquet, changes your shorts, changes your life, changes into a nine
year old Hindu boy, gets rid of your wife, walks your dog, doubles on
Sax, (you can jump back Jack) steals your car, gets rid of gambling
debts, quits smoking, is a friend, is a companion, never needs ironing,
takes weight off hips-bust-thighs-chin-midriff, gives you dandruff
and finds you a job, strips the phone company fee, gives you denture
breath, gets rid of your Traveler's Checks, gets rid of Blackheads, the
heartbreak of Psoriasis, it's effective, it's defective, it creates household
odors, it disinfects, it sanitizes for your protection, it gives you an
erection, it wins the election. Is it a redeemable coupon, no obligation,
no salesman will visit my home?? Then I may be interested.
Isochronism, that was good, but if you didn't cut and paste it from somewhere you have too much time on your hands.
Can you describe the product better, ie: how it will sanitize the phone, landline phone or mobile phone, what's the purpose of it, etc.?
And the speaker is the phone speaker? Does it have another function like playing music or something else?

It's difficult to answer without some more info.
I have dirty phones, I like quality speakers and I tend to oversleep.

Sounds like a winner.

Can it core a apple?

"Chef of the Future"?
Isn't the dirt and germs the reason no one wants to steal/use your phone? Generally, I'm comfortable with my own germs.LOL

$200-250 is too cheap for an audiophile device:>)
How about audio cables that also make chicken soup?

A toaster that is also a bird feeder?

A computer monitor that blows up balloons?
Looks like the OP got scared away.
Did the sharks on shark tank invest or pass?
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Yeah, you won't see this one again........