Opinions on Thiel CS2?

I have the opporunity to purchase a pair of Thiel CS2 loudspeakers and wonder what people think of them? I know these were manufactured in 1988 and no modifications or driver changes were made. My main concern is what might need replacing due to age and the parts cost from the factory. I've listened to some of the later Thiel models and was impressed with the sound, but am not sure what to expect with these.

I have owned cs2 since 1990. I have always liked them, and i find thiel to be very durable, so I would not worry. Also, the factory is very helpful, so if there is a problem, they will find a solution. I prefer the 2's to many of the thiel models of the 90's including the 3.6 which i had in my house for a week and sent back to the dealer. The 2's are on the analytical side of the sound spectrum, but I have always thought of them as one of the best all time values from this company.
they like tubes. SS is a bit agressive, often harsh up top. Thiel has always had a rather uncolored, neutral sounding palet, with excellent detail/clairity. But those are a tad accentuated in the lower trebble I blieve. So, tubes indeed. LIke anything else, it's balance, and you need to compliment that balance if you chose those. So chose wisely. You can always sell em if you don't like em...but make sure the price is right!
Thanks a lot for your input! I decided to buy them. Will let you know my thoughts when I try them.