Opinions on Thiel CS2?

I have the opporunity to purchase a pair of Thiel CS2 loudspeakers and wonder what people think of them? I know these were manufactured in 1988 and no modifications or driver changes were made. My main concern is what might need replacing due to age and the parts cost from the factory. I've listened to some of the later Thiel models and was impressed with the sound, but am not sure what to expect with these.

I have owned cs2 since 1990. I have always liked them, and i find thiel to be very durable, so I would not worry. Also, the factory is very helpful, so if there is a problem, they will find a solution. I prefer the 2's to many of the thiel models of the 90's including the 3.6 which i had in my house for a week and sent back to the dealer. The 2's are on the analytical side of the sound spectrum, but I have always thought of them as one of the best all time values from this company.
they like tubes. SS is a bit agressive, often harsh up top. Thiel has always had a rather uncolored, neutral sounding palet, with excellent detail/clairity. But those are a tad accentuated in the lower trebble I blieve. So, tubes indeed. LIke anything else, it's balance, and you need to compliment that balance if you chose those. So chose wisely. You can always sell em if you don't like em...but make sure the price is right!
Thanks a lot for your input! I decided to buy them. Will let you know my thoughts when I try them.


One of my all time favorite sounding speakers are the Thiel Audio Model CS2 speakers. A number of reasons why:

1) Great soundstage and depth for the Thiel Model CS2 speakers.

2) Small footprint but can fill a large room. They don't take up much space but can fill a room.

3) Of all the Thiel Audio speakers (which I've owned a dozen different models over the last 30 years) the Thiel CS2 speakers keep on giving great sound regardless of electronics. They sound great both on solid state or tube setups.

4) Fairly efficient speaker and very versatile speaker, such as reason #3.

5) They don't make them like they use to. Meaning the Thiel CS2 speakers are built like a tank and were affordable back in the day $1690 pr. in 1988.

6) Dollar for dollar almost impossible to beat in sound, build and reliability.

7) Do yourself a favor and go pick up a pair of Thiel CS2 speakers and you will be very happy that you do so.

ps. If you can find a pair of Thiel CS2 speakers.
I own the 1994 CS 1.5s and can tell you they are outstanding considering the small cabinet size.
Never heard the CS 2s but i would suspect they are juste as good.
A high current amp is required for most Thiels.

joefama, got it right. Perhaps Thiels most reliable and easiest to drive model, with their smooth 6 Ohm nominal 5 Ohm minimum impedance. Perhaps the last of the Thiel models that really, really needed attention to the treble. Many used c-j tubes with this model in an effort to tame the treble, but I personally found the ported bass to be too wooly driven as such. A steal on the used market, but be prepared to spend a little on amplification. Not so much because of their a challenging load, but just because of their particular sonic qualities.
My enthusiasm neglected to include mentioning that Thiel's Rob in the service department can give you advice and estimates on anything you might find needs replacement/refurbishing for the 2's.  That's comforting to know that the legacy models can be given an even longer life. 
I bought my Thiel CS2's in 1987 or 88 for $1500 the pair. Used them ever since. All above comments/observations are accuratee in some way or another.
I have always use solid state to run them, Bryston too bright, Hafler just right! Program material will also determine sound quality.
Agree tubes might work well with them as I may have heard them thru tubes on first audition. I didn't look at the amp. However, CS2 specs say amp power range starts at 40W. In a well dampened room the sound stage appears dead center. Hope you enjoy!