Opinions on these amps?

I'm looking at adding a Tube Preamplifier or Integrated amplifier to my setup for 2 channel listening. My setup is currently a Bryston BCD-1 cd player, Bryston SP2 pre/processor, Sherbourn 5250a SS power amp, and Anthony Gallo 3.1's speakers. I was looking for some opinions or experience with the following tube Preamplifiers/Integrated amplifiers: Rogue Perseus, Odyssey Candela, Primaluna ProLogue 1, Jolida JD 3000B, and Manley Jumbo Shrimp. Any opinions or comments on these would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
The Gallos are power hungry and have a difficult load to drive as I recall.

In these situations, you need a high power, high current SS amp usually in order to get optimal performance.

What is your budget?

You might consider looking at some of the newer Class D amps out there for best value.

Using a tube pre-amplifier will also help determine what amp might work best, generally those with higher input impedance, say 50K ohms or above.

I've researched amps for this kind of application extensively recently in looking for an amp that fit my system optimally.

Amps I know that qualify worth considering would be some Musical Fidelity SS amps, Wyred 4 Sound, newer Bel CAnto ref series models (not originals that use stock Ice Power modules with only 10K input impedance), and SS amps from companies like Audio Research and perhaps Cary that also specialize in tube gear and design their SS amps to work well with tube pre-amps.
Please add the Cayin and VAS line of amps. Better sound, better value.
The Gallos are not a difficult load to drive. I'm driving my 3.1's with a pair of 60 watt tube monos and have no trouble in a 22' x 14' room. Unless you're a real headbanger any decent quality 50-60 watt tube amp in a medium size room should be fine.

60 watts may be fine in terms of getting the speakers loud enough but not all 60 watt amps are created equal in terms of being able to drive speakers in a manner that delivers smooth response top to bottom. 'Difficult load" generally refers to impedance dips/variations at different frequencies. The effect on the sound is often a less than optimal low end at various volumes.

I seem to recall that the Gallo refs do present a difficult load in this sense but I could be mistaken.

Tube amps have higher output impedances and in general do not work as well with "difficult load" speakers where impedances can drop to 4 ohms or lower, in particular for low range bass frequencies. This is just the general case though with tube amps versus SS categorically. I've heard some report tube amps may work just fine in these cases. Sometimes a separate powered subwoofer might be thrown in the mix to help compensate. SS will work better in generalthough IMHO for these kinds of speakers. Tubes can still be introduced if desiraed in the pre-amp and even in the source (tube DAC for example) if desired regardless of speaker design as long as the pre-amp output impedance matches well to the amp input impedance.
I also own the Bryston SP2 pre/pro, and just wouldn't replace it with any integrated amplifier, tube or otherwise. In my opinion Audiophile is fair when expressed surprise that with the bypass mode, the SP2 sounds just as good as any upper-crust preamplifier traditionally touted for 2-channel music listening, although the SP2 can handle movie surround sound as well. I own a pair of Pass Labs XA60.5 which is class A solid state amplifier. This combination transmits classic class A sound that if the equipment is hidden, you just wouldn't think that we are talking about typical solid state equipment. My point is, don't replace the SP2. Find a straight tube power amplifier if you like, although you certain don't have to. Have fun!
I've heard pretty great sounds on the Gallos driven by the Pass First Watt F5, only 25 watts, I believe! All watts are not created equal. Good luck,

Darrenmc, I mean Stereophile, and not "Audiophile". Just type in keywords stereophile, bryston & SP2 into Google. You will see the review. But then you probably know about this already since you own the SP2.
Thanks for the response and I have no intentions of getting rid of my Bryston SP2. I'm looking to add a Tube preamp to the mix for 2 channel listening. My dealer recommended the Manley Jumbo Shrimp although I will not be able to demo it. I can basically get it at cost.