Opinions on these 2 upgrade choices?

I have seen at the same price range, new VPI Scout's at 1700.00 just about, or a used VPI HW-19 MKIII w/ SME309, SAMA motor assembly, VPI PLC (power line conditioner)... It all looks great in black....

I have never bought a new piece of gear..is it possible that buying the used but super upgraded HW19 MKIII is the best deal, given that I wont go thru any depreciation?

any opinons on which sounds best? they both seem to have tremendously good reviews/
current gear:

Lazarus tube hybrid amp,,class A 50 watts
Dynaco MKIII's coming any day
David Berning TF-10 pre
L-96 speaks
IC's are Vampire wire coppper and spk cables are DH Labs hybrids.