Opinions on the Vibraplane

I have great things about the Vibraplane and am thinking of getting one for my Wadia 860 CD player. I wanted to hear what owners of the Vibraplane have to say about it. Thanks, Ryan
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Can't comment,don't own one.---BUT---There are no responses yet.I seldom like being the first to respond.At 5 grand per ea. the rest of the system better be A+++.There are less costly alternatives.Hope somebody joins us.
I could never afford nor would I ever consider spendng that much on an isolation base.Only way if I were very wealthy.My best isolation device and cost per performance is the Bright Star Audio Big Rock #4.It fits just right under my P-25 and it lists at Audio Advisor for $115.Joe sold me one for $95.They never billed my credit card so what a DEAL!! I can rap all day on the Big Rock or T.T. and get no noise from my speakers at all.There are many home made isolation devices also that cost very little to make and work about as well as the big $$ stuff.Check out enjoythemusic.com
EJlif-I just checked out enjoythemusic.com In the classic area under tweaks they have plans for a home made Vibraplane.Its worth a read and I hope this helps.
5k no way. The active model with the built in compressor costs 5k. The one I'm looking at is more like 1200.00. It differs from the Bright Star, which I have tried and don't particularly like under digital. They seem to work OK for me under amps though. Never buy one, you can make one that is every bit as good for about 10 bucks. I think that homemade stuff is great, but unless you were a machinist or something you would never be able to make a Vibraplane. I'm hoping that someone who has actually tried the Vibraplane will comment. Maybe my title wasn't catchy enough?