Opinions on the ulitmate dvd demo...

I have a pretty decent HT system that I love to demo to friends and family. I usually use "The Fifth Element" or the pod racing scene from the latest Star Wars movie. I'd like to know some of your favorite DVD's for 5.1 or 7.1 demos.

Widescreen Review mag has a compilation of DTS movie trailers. The one I bought had some good clips from "Gladiator", "U-571", "Chicken Run", "Saving Private Ryan", and about 10 other movies. The DTS sound is excellent, and of course the clips are chosen for "demo" quality.

The specific title of the DVD is: "The Ultimate DTS Widescreen DVD Movie Guide", and it may now have more than one volume (Vol. 1 was issued in year 2000). Here is the Web address for more info: www.DVDMovieGuide.com

The DVD also has an interactive video segment so you can search for movie details, as well as Web connection that will allow you to make connections to buy or rent the movies. (Personally, I subscribe to NetFlix for some of the harder-to-find DVD's, and rent the more commercial releases from Blockbuster or Hollywood Video.

Among my favorite DVD's for "demo" purposes are:
1. The Matrix
2. Dark City
3. Saving Private Ryan (first 30 minutes)
4. IMAX film on race car driving (can't think of title, but it features the Paul Newman Racing Team)
5. Talking Heads "Stop Making Sense" (rock music DVD)
6. Calle 54 (music DVD on Afro-Cuban and Latin jazz)

(Special note: people who live in the Seattle, WA, area also have a terrific video store called Scarecrow Video, located in the 5000 block of Roosevelt Way, NE. Scarecrow is owned by a genuine movie freak, and he stocks thousands of title, including many of the most obscure titles and foreign releases.)
YESSSSSSSS.....Scarecrow Video ROCKS!!!!!!....I rented there since early 93 & since moving to Missouri, I sure do miss it. There is not a single film that you cannot find. My favorites include in no particular order.

1. Matrix
2. Fifth Element on superbit dvd
3. Requiem For a Dream
4. Steely Dan 2 against Nature
5. Roger Waters In the Flesh tour
6. Beastie Boys Video Anthology
7. Madonna the video collection 93:99
My friend and I once joked about the orgasmic review of the Superman DVD on dvdfile.com. Then he got the DVD.


The surround effect of the opening music -- the Superman theme -- packs a bigger "WOW!" than any other DVD I've heard on his system. That was the only time that I've been "blown away" by a DVD and started calculating in my head how much it would cost to go multi-channel myself.

The DVD also corrects the color of Superman's costume in flying scenes (he had to wear a slighty different colored suit for the blue screen to work right), and the white outfits in the opening scenes on Krypton really glow. Check out the pcitures in the above link.

This is a film with music that most people are familiar with, with fuzzy memories of seeing it back when or on TV, so it should have a greater jawdropping effect than other DVDs. Let me know what you think if you try it out.
I finally found the Superman DVD after going to 4 different shops! After making a few adjustments so that I could hear my sub with my HT system, I finally got to listen and wow! I don't think there's much else that has anywhere near that amount of bass as in the first 20 minutes of that movie. It had the hairs on my cat standing up because she couldn't figure out what was going on! I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled as well! That is definitely is a fun dvd to play around with.

Ellery and SD, thanks for the feedback. I wish we had a Scarecrow Video out here in the SF bay area, but unfortunately, most all of the smaller independent shops closed down because they couldn't compete with the chains. I tried looking for some of the music dvd's that were suggested, but I think I'll have to order online. I currently have a lot of time on my hands since my company was nice enough to put me on a long term (well, more like permanent) vacation!

Thanks - all of your feedback defintely made this a worthwhile post! Cheers!
Best demo disc is one of those set-up utility disks. I think its called Ultimate DVD; it has DD vs DTS comparisons and helpful tips on set up. The coolest feature is the demo of a Harley Davidson starting up, then driving around the room. WOW!!! Make sure the neighbors as well as any wife and children are gone!!!

Try NetFlix.com. They stock over 10,000 DVD titles which are mailed right to your door. In Fremont you should get great service (1 day mail to and from).

Here are some of my favorite dvds that I like to demo my sytem with.

1. The Matrix Scenes 15, 29, and the end of 31 the bullett dodging scene.
2 U-571 deep tones throughout the film
3. The 13th Warrior the last battle scene
4. Toy story 2 opening scene is just awsome
5. The Patriot great movie for showing off those surrounds
These are all good demos. Just a couple more that I like is: Terminator2 Fight seen in the bar and getting on the Harley(listen to the shotgun and the shell fall). Also I always demo SPEED when tweeking my system, scene where they race to the building and then in the elevator shaft going down to check out the elevator bomb. Listen to the echo in the shaft as they talk.