Opinions on the synergy between BAT components

Well, with some regrets, I have sold my Odyssey Stratos
amp, which drove my Hales T-5's very well. I have a BAT
VK-3i pre-amp and was curious what other BAT owners feel
is the advantage in combining a BAT amp (probably a VK
200 or 500) with my 3i. There's a lot of other choices
out there, including a Plinius 100 MK III for about the same
$ as the VK 500 (used). Any advice or opinions?
I owned a vk500 with I traded for vk60 monoblocks. For starters the vk500 is a very big and heavy amp which doesn't fit easily on a rack. It has a natural tube-like sound, is very quiet. Nice overall tonal balance, but has a drier sound than the bloomy vk60's. They say it sounds much better with aftermarket cords (needs 2). I used it with a vk5i so it definitely would handle a better preamp.
I have a BAT VK200 that I use with a BAT 30SE Preamp. I had an Audio Research LS 25II when I purchased the BAT amp. There is no doubt that with the BAT VK200 the 30SE is superior in almost every regard. I believe that this is due to synergy between the same companies components, not necessarily due to better better build quality, technology, ETC. I would expect that the Audio Research preamp would sound better than the BAT if the amplifier was an Audio Research VT100.

I am told that the VK200 is a better sounding amplifier than the VK500 in situations that do not require the additional current offered by the VK500. If your Hales are reasonably efficient I would suggest you listen to the VK200 before you make your final decision. Good Luck
Dave, there is very good synergy between BAT preamps and amps. I own a Vk-60 and currently have a 30SE pre, but had a 3i when I got the 60. Though you can get good music by mixing brands, I think you'll be better served by BAT synergy. With your Hales, you definitely need the ss power of the vk-200. The 500 is mostly just a bigger 200, though it is dual mono, complete w/2 pc's needed. Good luck.
Dave, I just got a VK-3i and VK-200 this week and put in the place of my He-man Krell pre and amps.(KRC-HR and MDA-500's).....Just had to try a BAT combo out for my own peace of mind.

"WOW" was all I could say for hours, in fact here it is 1:00 in the AM and I just stopped listening for the night. These 2 have blown me away with musicality in spades. Having no trouble with my Thiel CS 3.6's or my Paragon Regents which has amazed me even further.

This has proven to me that BAT goes with BAT beyond my beliefs. I tried switching the combo's around 4 different ways and still came back to 3i & 200 in the end.

My hat is off to the Guys at BAT!