Opinions on the Sony TA-S7?

I once had the matching tuner, which was decent enough functionally but I did love the cosmetics of Sony's Scenario 7 series of matching components.

Anyone with direct experience with the amp they could share?

Note that I've posted a "wanted" amp on Audiogon for one.
Vintage Sony is very impressive stuff. I have quite a few pieces and this int. amp is one of them along w/the matching V7 Tuner. For a compact package it is very good sounding. Plenty of inputs (5). (My set even has the connecting cord which goes into the tuner which, I believe, will remotely control the amp as well as the tuner. Unfortunately, I'm missing this remote.) The tuner is fantastic as well. Beautifully lighted. The amp was meant to sit atop the tuner. Bill
I'm sorry. I posted incorrectly, I have the TA version, not the S7. Sorry. It looks like a fantastic piece and I'd buy one in a second if I found one for a reasonable price. My set is silver faced and width compact. Good Luck w/the search.
Just some pictures to look at.[http://www.thevintageknob.org/sony-Scenario_S7.html]
Vintage Knob home page.[http://www.thevintageknob.org/]