Opinions on the single driver Air Tight monitors?

Air Tight makes a very small single driver monitor. It requires a sub for decent bass, but I have heard the coherence is amazing. I have not heard it, but am interested. Any opinions?
A single driver speaker would have a hard time sounding other than coherent. I do indeed like Air Tight amps - never heard the speaker.
Just heard them in a modest but well put together system. The amp was not to my taste but well able to show off the speakers abilities (14 watt push pull tube). In the small corner room (dining room)of an open space living room and used with a smaller rel sub. The coherance is as one would hope for with a small single driver. The dynamics however are not. These speakers have no compression on normal to higher than normal volume levels for me. I cannot state this without still thinking -am I nuts? The punch and momentum these dinki speakers have is not great for small to medium size speakers but more in line with full size lowther etc. type speakers. Only these have the highs in spades! Amps make or break it for me and so not hearing them on my 8 watt single ended amp means that I cannot comment on if they can project the magic of directly heated triodes but I am going to find out. If they do, I'm buying them. If they dont-its a toss up between khorns and focus. Both gigantic speakers. No these dont have the ease of the large options but they are no less than most 3way floor standers in the 10-15k range. Actually they are more lively than my past Merlins and I belive others such as wattpuppy's. So better than most normal large speakers! I have no idea what they cost.
SEAS has produced a all new full range called the exotic. This is a true point source phase and time correct. If your looking at full range single driver loudspeakers check out SEAS exotic.