Opinions on the SACD playback of Esoteric DV-50.

Harry Pearson says he thinks the SACD playback of the Esoteric DV-50 is "...less than stellar." I have owned one for slightly less than one year, and find its SACD performance to be quite good, and better that my previous Sony SCD 777ES. Any thoughts on Harry's verdict?
It matters not one wit what Harry thinks. That you are pleased, is all that counts.
At least that is what I think.
HP may have been referring to mutichannel playback. There is always better, but I think the SACD playback of my DV-50 is excellent.

Squidboyw: I certainly agree with you that in the end, what is most important is how the owner, not the reviewer...feels about the equipment. But reviewer's opinions...and especially those of highly experienced reviewers like HP....ARE important to some of us. I am glad that Irishdog loves his DV-50, but he may not have had the unique opportunity to compare it systematically with other high-end multichannel SACD players. In this regard, we might glean some important information from the opinions of those like HP who have. Personally, I like to read a ton of reviews before I make buying decisions...but, in the end, i do let my ears decide.
I own a Sony SCD 777ES. I noticed that one of you thinks the Esoteric outdoes the Sony with SACD. I've been really tempted to buy one of these since they came out but have waited for some other universal players to come out. For CD, I use a Levinson 360S and use the Sony as a transport. My disadvantage is that I don't have much experience with other players. 95% of my listerning comes from the the Levinson/Sony combo, so If I make a change, Redbook CD performance is the most important factor. For DVD audio, I use a Techique's A10 which is not of the same caliber as the rest of my front end. While I'm not satisfied with either SACD or DVD-A as a medium with staying power, I can't ignore them, try as I might. So, is the Esoteric really that good? I've noticed quite a few of them for sale recently on this site. BTW, I wouldn't use the 360S with the esotieric if I went that way. I would have to sell it.
I haven't heard other SACD players, but the DV-50 sounds amazingly good to me. It's not too shabby on redbook either and beats all the others I have heard, which admittedly is limited and excludes EMM, Exemplar, Opus 21 etc - which I have not heard.
But I think the DV-50 is certainly up there with the best.
Sjh32 - I use an SCD-1 as a transport to a 360S, so I have a pretty good understanding of the level of excellence you expect.

I have directly compared my SCD-1/360S combo to an Esoteric DV-50, in my system. With SACD there were differences between the SCD-1 and the DV-50. Both were good, neither one was a clear winner. There were several things I liked about the DV-50's SACD playback, but nothing so stellar that I felt the need to buy one just for SACD.

With CD, there was no contest. The DV-50 is a good CD playback system, the SCD-1/360S combo is an outstanding CD playback system. No comparison whatsoever.

If Redbook is your primary focus, and your current setup is your benchmark, you would not be satisfied with a DV-50.
Right on Rex. I wasn't expecting as strong of a recommendation for the Sony/Levinson combo for redbook. Your post really helped me decide not to mess around with other players, for now at least. Although more Hi-Rez title are being released every day, I've come to the realization that the CD will be the medium of the near future. Actually I wouldn't be surprized if SACD and DVD-A fold completely. DVD-A has a better chance since it's back compatable with DVD player through Dolby code, even if does sound a little worse than CD. Thanks.