Opinions on the ; Rosso Fiorentino Sienna or Volterra II Speakers

Hello Audioners and I hope all is well - please let me know if you have listened to the two speakers I have noted or if you have purchased either on of them. I just read the review on the Elba 2's In the Absolute Sound and they ''sound'' like they are speakers from a company that I may have some interest in. Thank you in advance and stay well.  
Thank you ; displayname as your response is appreciated. Just as a thought, if this line of speakers was more established here in the US I wouldn't have to fly all over the country just to hear them at a dealers store as I could otherwise just drive to hear them. Big difference..... 
That's totally valid. I'm not sure where you're located, which is a factor as well. Unfortunately, physical hifi shops just aren't as common these days. I'm in DFW so I do have the luxury of being able to find Rossos, and many other brands, within driving distance to audition in person. However, there are still several brands I would love to consider that would require a flight to audition. Fleetwood, Triangle, Tannoy and even several of the brands you mentioned: Wilson Benesch, Franco Serblin, Vimberg, and Avalon would all require an out of state trip to audition. 

This is true for most people in the US. If you want to audition high end speakers, you really only have a few options. 1) stick with options in driving distance 2) Travel to an audio show and hope the brands and models you want to hear are represented or 3) order blindly based only on reviews and hope for the best 4) take a dealer trip. 

That experience isn't exclusive to Rosso. It's the reality for the vast majority of the higher end hifi industry. Most places simply don't stock speakers that retail over $10K. And outside of a major cities, most places don't stock hifi gear at all. I know you said "fly all over the US" but that really isn't the case. If you plan a trip to the LA area accordingly, you can find most brands available in the US there. 

Also, if you were just talking about the Elbas, then the price of a trip probably isn't worth it. But if I was shopping in the $30K range - I think a trip to LA is pretty cheap insurance if you're not satisfied with the options available in your area. Not exclusive to any one brand. It's just probably the best place to hear the largest number of brands outside of a loud and crowded audio show. 
I've heard some very interesting posts and reviews and I believe a true dedicated Audiophile will take all necessary actions to build a system of their dreams. After all, we all love music and the Rosso brand will be one to elevate our listening experience. I own the beautiful blue leather pair of Elba 2 and out the box, I immediately realized that these speakers had the most incredible CrossOver that allows any selection of music to express an elegant Soundstage presence. Not to mention the classy design and color of choice to suit a man or woman's taste.
 As I am a deep listen of Jazz and other genre of great music, these speaker's reproduction of all instruments allows you to close your eyes and imagine the musicians presence in your space. That says a lot in comparison to many high-end speakers priced far beyond what you would pay for the Elba 2. This and the rest of the Rosso brand models I've heard (PIENZA, FIESOLE, SIENA) will likely take a huge leap over other higher priced speakers in the US (Wilson, Magico, Vandersteen, etc.) in the coming years and at it's current price point, musically the sweetest sounding speaker I've heard in some time. I will only upgrade until I get to the pinnacle of greatness with the Florentia. That's my dream for my truest musical experience. I hope everyone take the time to experience what I am in the DFW area.