Opinions on the Oracle Delphi V's performance?

Anyone with an opinion to offer on the performance of the Oracle Delphi V turntable? I'm also considering a VPI Scoutmaster and was wondering which turntable is better. Thanks
Oracle Delphi V is an older design, but has it's charms, especially looks. In my auditioning it was darker (perhaps due to the suspension choices), but frankly, this could also be due to cartridge and arm choice.

Scoutmaster has recenlty been upgraded, so perhaps R&D is more current?
I wrote this on another thread:


"I am using a Delphi MKV SE (granite base and turbo PS) with the Graham Phantom/Helikon. This is an incredible synergistic combination. I have always maintained that the Delphi MKV SE was a very underrated turntable. I am extremely satisfied with the level of musical performance
of this combo, which compares favorably with some of the very expensive combinations that I have auditioned. Transparency, coherence, speed, treble purity and extension are exceptional. The harmonic richness, bass extension, articulation and solidity are improved markedly with the granite base compared to standard acrylic configuration."

(Also see comments from doublebass)

Additionally, the Oracle is dead quiet mechanically. With the right associated gear it generates a see-through panoramic soundstage. The presentation is very lifelike natural and musical. Speed/tempo is outstanding.
I listened to the Oracle V at the Audiofest along with the Walker Table ,Avid ,and VPI TNT,Brickman,SOTA and others I may have forgotten to mention,and IMO the Oracle V was far more musical then all the other tables by a wide margin.
It reproduces musical notes so faithful and accurate to the instrument being played.The other tables don't come anywhere close to this.
Most especially in the midbass and midrange its just very magical indeed.
I found it kind of dead-sounding (over dampened), but this was in a dealer demol with THEIR cartridge and THEIR phono stage. IMHO the cart and phono stage interaction are 80% of the sound of a record player, so I dont think this bears huge implication on the comparison. I think the Delphi is one of the most beautifully built turn tables available.
Gmorris,I was tempted to refute your observations,just for the sake of being "Difficult"(sound familiar?),yet I must admit to having a very good,and extremely old friend(of some time ago),who had extensive knowledge of anything analog,who was in love with the Oracle.I'll have to save any countering opinions for some other time,as I too have a soft spot for that table,and almost bought one,some time ago.The granite,was the only way to go,and looked so damn good,too!Best regards.

It seems that you are trying to engage me in an argument. I will pass on the gambit.

My comments on the Oracle were specific to the Delphi MKV SE only. Those were my observations based on auditions of several systems. I have never suggested that the MKV was the "best" I stated that the combo "... compares favorably with some of the very expensive combinations that I have auditioned.." The so called "best" is always subjective and system dependent.
Gmorris,SHEEESH!I was just kidding,and trying to be humorous,in a friendly way!!!
oracle has quietly made some of the finest turntables of the last two decades. i still have an oracle paris
I have a Brooks Mod Oracle Delphi I and have heard the latest Delphi and i can say with all candor they have one thing in common. They both throw a HUGE soundstage but the Delphi V handles the tempo of bass notes better. My Oracle is the last turntable I will ever own having fallen in love with it's oil rig design many years ago.
Your choice between a Delphi V vs a VPI Scoutmaster really boils down to whether or not you prefer the sound of sprung vs unsprung turntables. They are each superb excecutions of both design philosophies. Sprung tables tend to emphasize midrange presence and soundstage at the expense of diminished frequency extremes and detail. Unsprung tables tend to be more dynamic, neutral, detailed and unforgiving. Certain arms tend to work much better on unsprung than sprung tables as well. If aesthetics matter then there is no contest, Oracle's timeless elegance trumping VPI's more industrial presentation.

I went back and forth between various VPI tables and iterations of the Oracle for years searching for the optimal balance until Brooks Berdan himself saved the day by introducing me to a table that he believes is the first to effectively split the difference: a very lightly sprung but massively anchored tripod table.

My advice: you cannot go wrong either way. However if your record collecton spans decades of indiscriminate but memorable performances, buy the Oracle. But if your collection consists mainly of meticuluosly maintained "audiophile" pressings buy the VPI.

Either setup will likely embarass your digital source.
I own an Oracle Delphi Mark V (Anniversary Edition) turntable. It has an African Black Granite base, & the pilar spring suspention is trimmed out in all yellow gold plating. Wow ! you talk about a look ? I also have a Graham Engineering 1.5 Tone-arm attached this this beauty. It too,is all plated in gold trim. & attached to this tone -arm is a Benz -Micro L-2 cartridge.

I've had many different tables, cartridges, & tone -arms the past "30" years, & this simple set-up, just can't be beat. Go with an ORACLE, It looks as good as it sounds.
The Delphi Mark V bests the Scoutmaster in every respect. Besides if you buy the Scoutmaster, you're stuck with that awful JMW-9 tonearm.