Opinions on the new Ron McMaster BN reissues?

I'm curious to see if people have any opinions (As If!) on these. I picked up three and I'm kind of mixed on them. Two of them, ArtBlakey's "Moanin" and Hank Mobley's "Sould Station" sound pretty good. The third, Herbie Hancock's "Maiden Voyage" is a little disapointing. All of them exhibit a little surface noise that I haven't had with some of the more expensive 180g pressings, although not to ruin the experience or anything. Maiden Voyage sounds kind of muddy to me, but could that just be the recordind?

From a pricing point of view they're great, especially with the free cd, but I'm not sure the quality is there.

Anyone else want to kick in their thoughts?
Oh, c'mon! An opportunity to opine on vinyl quality and no one's biting? I can't believe it.
OK, I only have two the, already mentioned, "Maiden" Voyage, and "The Sidewinder". I can only compare the Hancock with my older CD issue. First, the RVG CD does not have any surface noise. Good start. It is clearer and fuller than my earlier CD issue. Win #1 for the reissue. The LP sounds fantastic to me. This was, as you point out, not well recorded in the first place, with a slightly hazy midrange and very prominent highs, all issues show this clearly. Win #2 for the reissue. Mine is, as is yours, fairly quiet and flat. I purchased a second copy to give to a friend for Chanukah and it was, unfortunately, moderately warped. My "Sidewinder" is, likewise, marvelous clear, flat, with moderate surface noise on the LP, and LOL, none on the CD. These are just awesome pressings and I want more, the problem is that they pressed the same damn titles that always get pressed and how many copies of "Blue Train" do I really need? Why no Tina Brooks? Why no Andrew Hill? There are a slew of better choices than what they are putting out in this series.